Multi-accounting on Coinlist: what is it for, what is the benefit

Nowadays, it’s a common situation when people use a multi account. We can notice it when working with different services such as betting shops, online games, and social networks. The token sale is a thing where multi accounts are popular too. Users create from 10 to 1000 profiles to buy and sell crypto

Multi account is creating and maintaining more than one account on the website or service. As a rule, websites forbid the usage of multiple accounts, and the violation of this rule leads to a ban.

Why Do You Need Multi Account on Coinlist

Coinlist has the following rules: the number of selling tokens is limited; moreover, there is the minimum purchase threshold. If the number of people willing to purchase the token is more than the number of offers, tokens are divided into investors in a random way.


This fact enables us to draw a conclusion. The more accounts you have, the more opportunities you have to obtain the token. Therefore, some users turned to create multi accounts.

What Should You Know About Multi Account on Coinlist

The Coinlist platform has strict rules about a multi account. Before working with several profiles, explore two main nuances.


It’s vital to understand that maintaining several accounts is not an as easy feat as it seems. Yes, it consists of creating emails, but there are some nuances. To participate in token sales, you have to verify your account, and the most difficult step in verification is biometrics. In other words, you have to show your passport and your face near it (Face ID).

Thus, to get new profiles, you have to find people who can pass verification. Only after this step, you can take part in the token sale.


When we’re talking about security, we keep in mind avoiding bans of your profile. During both registration and account usage, you can get banned, and Coinlist can block several accounts, not only one. Likewise, when verifying the account, you can get a refusal of getting access to the platform because of suspicious actions. To avoid this situation, it’s better to follow two main rules:

  • Use antidetect browsers such as AdsPower, GoLogin, Dolphin when registering accounts.
  • Use a unique IP address when working with each profile.

Therefore, to work successfully on Coinlist, you have to purchase a proxy for each account.

What Proxies are Good for Coinlist

To participate in token sales, you can use usual private proxies. However, to make your profile more trusted, we recommend you pay attention to mobile proxies. In contrast with datacenter IPs, mobile have dynamically-renewable addresses that change every certain time, so once in a given period of time (can be 1-2-5-10 minutes, etc.) you will get a new IP.