AdsPower – antidetect browser from Hong Kong programmers

Antidetect browsers help traffic arbitrageurs to get traffic without bans. In 2021, there are a lot of such browsers. Today we’ll talk about one of them created by programmers from Hong Kong. We are pleased to present you with AdsPower! In this article, we’ll tell you about its functionality, the process of registration, and configuring a proxy in it.


Now we’ll tell you about what you can do in AdsPower.

  • Create accounts in batches

Add single profiles as well as in batches. If it’s necessary, manage functions for accounts in batches, not for each separately.

  • Manage browser fingerprints

There are two options: or the system chooses fingerprints for you, or you manage them by yourself. It depends on how you want to do it.

  • Open several browsers concurrently

You can open not only multiple browser tabs, but you can launch the second session and open several different tabs. And they – neither sessions nor tabs – won’t be interconnected.

  • Work with your team

If you work with your team on Facebook, AdsPower is the best bet for you! Give access to your teammates to one profile or their batches, as well as give rights to each user for performing different functions.


This antidetect is much cheaper than its “expensive” competitors such as Multilogin and Linken Sphere.


Registration and Configuring a Proxy

The browser’s site is created in Chinese, but it’s possible to choose English. You can do it at the top of the screen.

adspower proxy

When you set up this antidetect, you will see the English language. Therefore, don’t worry about the Chinese interface :)

To register in the AdsPower system, do the next steps:

adspower browser

  • After configuring the antidetect, launch it.
  • Click Registration.


  • Choose the way of a verification code receiving: via a phone number or email.

адсповер браузер

  • Once you are registered, click Login and tape your account data. Then click Login again.

адсповер браузер арбитраж

You may not be able to log in to your account the first time. Some users see the Account login error many times.

How to cope with it? Just click Login until you see this window:

adspower антидетект браузер

Once it occurs, create a new browser profile.

Creating a Profile and Configuring a Proxy

Firstly, you will see the manuals catalog. Read these instructions if you want. If not – close the window and go to creating a new browser account.

How to create a new profile in AdsPower:

  • Click Got it.

adspower antidetect browser

  • Click Single Import.

adspower антидетект браузер для арбитражников

  • Write the profile data: choose the accounting platform, the profile name, and its username, create a password. Add cookies if needed.

adspower браузер для арбитражников

  • Choose the proxy type.

адсповер браузер для арбитражников

  • Write the host, port, login, and password of your IP address.

настройка прокси adspower

  • Then click Check Proxy to check on its validity.

настройка прокси адсповер

  • If all is okay, you will see the next message:

adspower proxy

  • Then configure the user agent. You can choose system user agents or manage your own. Click Advanced Settings to show additional settings.

adpower useragent

  • Click OK.
  • Click Open to launch this browser profile. 


You can buy Socks5 proxy for AdsPower on our site. If you can’t cope with something – write to our support. We’ll help you! We are in touch 24 hours a day 7 days a week; therefore, we’ll answer you both at midnight and early morning. Feel free to contact us!