How to set up a proxy in programs


Setting up a proxy in Google Chrome on macOS

google chrome mac os логотипSetting up a proxy in Google Chrome helps you optimize your browsing experience and access sites that are inaccessible to your network address. A proxy is able to replace the user's real IP with one that's in a different city or even country. Therefore, sites will perceive you as a user for whom there are no restrictions. For example, users from Russia will be able to use Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, ChatGPT and other online venues that are useful for work and everyday life. In this article, let's break down a few ways to set up a proxy in Google Chrome on macOS.


Setting up a proxy server in Windows 11

логотип windows 11You've probably already heard about such a thing as a proxy server and know why you need it: get access to Twitter and Facebook at work, hide your IP for tracking, get access to closed game servers. Or maybe you want to buy a Netflix subscription at the cheapest price? Great! Now it remains to configure the proxy on the PC.

Configuring a proxy server in Windows 11 via the standard "Settings"

In order to configure the proxy, you need to do the following:


How to set up proxy on iOS: step-by-step instructions

It's hard to imagine a person's life without mobile devices. For most people, mobile phones and tablets have become a miniature computer replacement. They are used to access the Internet, work with applications and mobile services, to communicate in social networks and messengers, games, etc. And IOS-based mobile devices are very popular with users.

Unfortunately, access to some sites, services and applications that are popular among iOS owners is difficult due to regional restrictions. For example, problems arise with bookmakers or Telegram.

Such restrictions become the main reason why proxies for iOS are used. There are others for which proxy servers are useful. For example, to launch applications and services through a proxy, maintain anonymity, register multiaccounts, etc. Therefore, proxies are useful both on computers and on Iphone, iPad.


How to set up a proxy server on Android

Proxy server is configured in all operating systems of computers and mobile phones, and in several ways. On Android, proxies can be set up through the default settings or with the help of applications. In this article, we will tell you how to set up a proxy on Android using special applications.

Setting up proxies with apps

We will show the proxy configuration using two programs: ProxyDroid and Drony. In them you will connect both “Socks” and HTTPS proxy.


Setting up a proxy in Firefox

If you need greater anonymity when visiting websites than the one offered by the private mode in the browser, we suggest you to learn how you can easily set up a proxy for Firefox.

Besides, setting up a proxy server may be necessary for those who are in another region and cannot view the material intended for a certain category of users.

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is an intermediary between the client’s computer and the Internet world network. It may be needed not only to bypass some security system or to get to websites intended for other regions. It may also be needed in order to significantly increase the network speed, if a proxy server is located on your LAN.


How to set up a proxy in the MaskFog anti-detect browser

maskfog logoMaskfog is a modern anti-detect browser that gives all the tools for anonymous surfing and multi-accounting. The service is notable because it equips users with their own clean proxies and also gives full access to the functionality on the free version. The browser also has a fingerprint swap feature (User agent, Cookie, Timezone, Flash and more).

What you can use Maskfog for

The browser allows you to work with several accounts on different tabs at once. In this case, all tabs will have unique fingerprints and IP, so as not to attract the attention of antifraud systems. This opens up great opportunities for personal and business use


How to Set Up a Proxy in the Proxy Control Extension

The market of browser extensions hasn’t seen an update a long time ago, and it is the reason to make a new product, that’s what we did. We are glad to show you a result of our work.

Proxy Control is an ideal solution to set up a proxy in Google Chrome or Opera Browser. The extension supports integration with our service that enables you to configure a proxy server with a click of a button and comfortably work with a list of ip-addresses.

We took into account all current problems of the plugin, its pros and cons and functionality, but first things first. 


How to set up multiple proxies in one browser: detailed instructions

To set up several proxies in a browser, you need to create new profiles and configure an IP address in every profile. Id est it all boils down to understanding how to create accounts in browsers. In this article, we will tell you how to do it and give you instructions on configuring IP.

To manual steps, we added screenshots for illustrative purposes. There are no screens only in steps where you need to do a simple thing, for example, click OK.

Google Chrome

Adding an IP address to Chrome consists of 2 steps. We will consider each of them.


Setting up a proxy in Safari browser on Mac OS

Safari браузер логотипUsing proxy-servers is more actual for users every day because of numerous reasons growing fast. Today we will talk about Safari browser, configuring and using a proxy server in it. Also we tell you about reasons for using a proxy in this browser.

Reasons for Using a Proxy Server in Safari

There are a lot of reasons for using it. Among them:


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