Fast and reliable proxies at a price of 10 rubles.

  • Automatically getting addresses
  • Moneyback within 24 hours after purchase
  • Support 24/7

About us

We provide secure and anonymous proxy. High-performance and high-speed channel of service allow our customers to work 24/7 with us without worrying about crashes and any problems.

Support 24/7

Our specialists will be glad to help you via mail or online-chat.

Easy ways to pay

We have more than 50 ways of payment, these systems are safe and time-tested.

Individual IPv4 proxy

The first widely used version. It works stable with all sites in the network.

Shared IPv4 proxy

It has similar functions with IPv4 proxy, but it can used by three people.

Individual IPv6 proxy

New generation of IP-addresses. They are suitable for work with most social networks.

Automatically getting addresses

Get addresses in your personal account immediately after the payment.

Affiliate program

You will get 20% from each referrals purchase for lifelong.

Return purchase within 24 hours

You can return proxies within 24 hours after your payment, if they are unsuitable for you for any reasons.

HTTP & SOCKS protocols

Our proxies are able to connect on the network by protocols HTTP(s) and SOCKS.

Authorization by IP address

You are able to manage IP authorization of your proxies in your personal account. It's simply and safely!


Individual IPv4
Given to 1 person
from 90 rublesfor 1 month per item
Individual IPv6
Given to 1 person
from 10 rublesfor 1 month per item
Shared IPv4
Used up to 3 persons
from 50 rublesfor 1 month per item
  • Russia
Given to 1 person
from 20 rublesfor 1 month per item
Foreign IPv4
Given to 1 person
from 110 rublesfor 1 month per item
  • Brazil | Germany | Netherlands | USA | Ukraine | France
Premium IPv4
Given to 1 person
from 270 rublesfor 1 month per item
  • Russia (residential) | Poland (residential)

We have the most flexible rates for buying any amount of proxies. New IPv6 proxies allow you to save your money on usual and necessary instruments for work.


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