VMLogin - anonymous multithreaded antidetect browser


vmloginThe scope of work is evolving rapidly. But it challenges standards and users have to conform to them to work successfully and stay competitive. And our talking is not about time or money, but about less obvious things – multitasking and anonymity.

Multitasking is the capability to do several things concurrently. In our case it relates to the number of registering or working accounts. If more accounts run simultaneously – then more tasks are performed, and thus there are more benefits. Therefore you keep yourself competitive working with more clients. So we can’t underestimate the importance of multitasking in working on the Internet.

Anonymous is the capability to hide yourself on the Internet. In our case it relates to profiles. If your anonymity is more – then convenience to register accounts increases and the probability of their ban decreases. In other words, anonymity helps you to save sources for working.

Working on the Internet includes the range of directions from register and promotion accounts in social media to working with bulletin boards, betting shops, advertisements and even marketing. And in all these directions you have to be multitasked and have multithreading.


Setting up a proxy in Safari browser on Mac OS


Safari браузер логотипUsing proxy-servers is more actual for users every day because of numerous reasons growing fast. Today we will talk about Safari browser, configuring and using a proxy server in it. Also we tell you about reasons for using a proxy in this browser.

Reasons for Using a Proxy Server in Safari

There are a lot of reasons for using it. Among them:


Working proxies for BET365


bet365Foreign betting shops are becoming well-known to amateurs of sportsbook forks and bets. But some bookmakers don’t work with residents of certain countries. Therefore demand for foreign proxies for bookmakers is increasing. 

The choosing of a betting shop depends on users, but generally they prefer several trustworthy variants. Among them the British bookmaker Bet365 has a special place. It attracts users with profitable primary bonuses which are given you at the first deposit. It increases your start-up bank for bets and forks. These bonuses will give you more benefit, if you use more than one account. In addition, Bet 365 works with the majority of popular payment systems, which simplifies the process of making deposits and withdrawing from accounts. 


How to Set Up DNS Servers in Windows


public dnsYou have probably heard or read about configuring DNS servers which helps to deal problems with Internet-connection. In this article we consider what is a DNS server and why for is it, what are the Google public addresses and how to set up DNS in Windows. 

DNS is a protocol converting the domain name of a web-source into an IP-address. Every provider uses an individual DNS-server which works in this way. But people face with cases when problems and bags occur from the provider’s side, therefore if you try to surf the web-source, you will see the message “DNS-address ***** was not found” or the similar one. If you have this problem, don’t be discouraged or just wait while a provider deals with bags. It is easier to use public DNS-servers.


The scanner of Sure Bets PositiveBet


positivebet scannerThe scanner of Miracle Bets PositiveBet was created in 2013. The scanner operates only in Live, therefore is considered as a lider in this way. 

PositiveBet became a standard of a scanner working with bookmaker forks in real time. One must admire developers, it started to work fastly and without bags first. Additional Opportunities and the speed of work are increasing, and the scanner is developing. 

Users see only forks with profitability less than 1% for free. In every sure bet is available the link to a betting shop, where events are happening in Live directly. Also a calculator is available against every fork. Click on it and you will automatically see payment of a bet. 


How to Set Up a Proxy in the Proxy Control Extension

The market of browser extensions hasn’t seen an update a long time ago, and it is the reason to make a new product, that’s what we did. We are glad to show you a result of our work.

Proxy Control is an ideal solution to set up a proxy in Google Chrome or Opera Browser. The extension supports integration with our service that enables you to configure a proxy server with a click of a button and comfortably work with a list of ip-addresses.

We took into account all current problems of the plugin, its pros and cons and functionality, but first things first. 


How to set up a proxy Telegram - step by step instructions

This article is written for informational purposes only and is not a call to action

Hi there. Today we will talk about how to configure a proxy server in Telegram. You should know that Telegram requires SOCKS5 proxies. HTTP and HTTPS ones are not accepted.

It is better to use IPv4 proxies because IPv6 servers don’t work well. Expected that IPv6 protocol would replace IPv4, but it never happened. Maybe it will be seen in the future.


How to set up a proxy on PlayStation 4

рабочие прокси сервера для psnPlayStation 4 is an extremely popular video game console but as you know, it doesn’t work correctly in some areas, therefore it needs a proxy for stable work. Buy anonymous proxy servers you can from us.

First, you need to log in to Your Account, In the field “Authentication by IP” click on “not set” and write your IP-address, then tap on “Apply”. Don’t be embarrassed of russian language in the opened window.


How to set up a proxy in Google Chrome: standard method and with extension

Google Chrome is the most popular browser and it has the highest number of users. It is a very fast browser with easy and clear design. In addition, Chrome became popular due built-in proxy extensions which people use for their own purposes.

What is a proxy?

First, we need to understand what a proxy is. Proxy server is a gateway between you and the website you visit. When you are using a proxy, your traffic flows from you through this gateway to the internet and vice versa – from the internet through a proxy to you.

Proxy changes your real IP-address. So websites can’t understand where you live. If you live in Germany but use a proxy with Polish IP, sources will think that you are in Poland.


How to use a proxy server

If you need to bypass IP blocking or visit a website that is not available in your region, then you just need to learn how to use a proxy server. First, let’s find out what it is, and in what other cases it is used. Why and how to use a proxy server? This simple question is asked by many. The answer is also very simple. In fact, a proxy server is needed, first of all, in order to see the Internet with somebody’s “eyes” – using a computer, or rather, a server located elsewhere.

Using a proxy server

Why and how to use a proxy server? This simple question is asked by many. The answer is also very simple. In fact, a proxy server is needed, first of all, in order to see the Internet with somebody’s “eyes” – using a computer, or rather, a server located elsewhere.