How to use a proxy server

If you need to bypass IP blocking or visit a website that is not available in your region, then you just need to learn how to use a proxy server. First, let’s find out what it is, and in what other cases it is used. Why and how to use a proxy server? This simple question is asked by many. The answer is also very simple. In fact, a proxy server is needed, first of all, in order to see the Internet with somebody’s “eyes” – using a computer, or rather, a server located elsewhere.

Using a proxy server

Why and how to use a proxy server? This simple question is asked by many. The answer is also very simple. In fact, a proxy server is needed, first of all, in order to see the Internet with somebody’s “eyes” – using a computer, or rather, a server located elsewhere.


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How to find out what is your proxy server and port

4.	How to find out what is your proxy server and portHow to find out what is your proxy server and port? Our system administrator, having heard such question, only shook his head and recalled a case from his practice, when such experiments of one of the employees “shut out” the company’s local network for several days. Therefore, instead of risky attempts to find information on your own, it is still better to read this article to the end and do everything correctly and accurately. It’s actually quite simple.

Let’s start with the basics

But before we talk about anything specific, we should at least briefly deal with the theory. When surfing the Internet, proxy servers are most often used to stay anonymous and invisible online. And this is the first security condition. Here are the most common ways to achieve this:


Setting up a proxy in Windows 10

Setting up a Windows 10 proxy serverSetting up a proxy in Windows 10 is not as simple as Microsoft is trying to show. Many of you will learn about this only when the computer will suddenly drop out of the network. Or, which also happens, when a newly installed system stubbornly refuses to connect to the World of Tanks server. Familiar, isn’t it? If you have ever dealt with something similar and even thought about switching to Linux, hold it.

What is it?

If you omit technical details that are of little interest to an ordinary person (and you will hardly need them, admit it), it turns out that a proxy server is an intermediary between you and any website on the network.


How to set up a proxy server on Android

Sometimes when using a smartphone or tablet you just can’t do without a proxy server. Most often it is needed in the following situations:

In Wi-Fi networks, where access is possible only through a proxy server

  • For anonymity
  • For saving traffic

Perhaps there may be other reasons for setting up a proxy server, however, these two are the most common. So, let’s see what a proxy server is and how to set it up for Android.


Visit websites through proxy servers

How to go to a website through a proxy server: detailed instructionsSometimes when using the Internet, we need to hide our IP address. Reasons for doing this can be very different, one of the most frequent occurs when we are banned on a particular website for some reason, or the website is simply blocked, but we really need to visit it. Indeed, the reasons are very different. But it is much more interesting to know how to do it. There are several options, one of them is to use a proxy server. Basically, in this article we’ll talk about how to go to a website through a proxy server.

What is a proxy server

Before you understand how to access a website through an anonymous proxy server, you should understand what a proxy server is and what it is for. In short, a proxy server is a kind of intermediary between the computer and the website to which you are accessing. But this is not some simple and meaningless intermediary. An important property of a proxy server is that when it is used, the IP address becomes anonymous, which is basically used when visiting a website in case of receiving a ban or any other IP restrictions.


Disabling Java in browsers and OS

What is Java and how to disable itModern browsers are not just windows for browsing the web. They contain additional tools that perform a number of tasks related to displaying pages, network code operation, data transfer, viewing media files and other functions that are used in the browser. These functions are useful in themselves, so initially they are often enabled in the browser in order to save users from tedious browser settings after installing it.

And Java is an example of such a technology. Java itself is a platform and programming language that developers use to create applications, scripts, and web page elements. Java is also used when working with a large number of programs and applications which you’re using. Browsers also use Java technology to correctly display the content of pages, as well as to work with embedded elements. Despite all the benefits that this technology brings, there are critical flaws that are simply unacceptable to some users. The fact is that in Java there are vulnerabilities that lead to leakage of information about your device, IP address, and other information.


What is the difference between HTTP and Socks5 proxies?

Difference between HTTP and Socks5 protocolsWhen working with a proxy, it is very important to choose its right type for your tasks in order to avoid possible problems and achieve your goals. The most commonly used are HTTP and Socks5 proxies. The differences between them are in the degree of anonymity, the protocol used, the method of transferring the data used in the work of a proxy, as well as in some additional functions. Let’s analyze each type of proxy separately.

HTTP proxy features

Let’s start with HTTP proxies. In their work, they use HTTP protocol, which is designed to visit websites, download and transfer files, and when working with some programs that use this protocol – to connect through a proxy.


What is the difference between VPN and proxy?

What is the difference between VPN and proxyUsing VPN services and proxy servers has become commonplace among modern users. With their help, people retain anonymity when visiting websites and using programs, work with multi-accounts, and also bypass regional restrictions on access to the websites. This is due to the substitution of IP addresses and network information about users that occur when connecting to a proxy or VPN. Users are constantly faced with the question: “What is the difference between proxy and VPN?” Although their purpose is similar, the principle of work is different.

VPN connection features

VPN is a virtual private network running over your Internet connection or other network. When using VPN, you connect to the network, and it provides an encrypted direct connection to the server you need.