How to create a profile and configure a proxy in OctoBrowser?


Anti-detect browsers are programs that hide user data. With the help of antidetect you can create accounts on one site. At the same time, the administration will not be able to link them together and therefore limit them.

Antidetects work best together with a proxy. Antidetect generates a unique user agent: information about the OS, browser, language, screen resolution, etc. 

A proxy changes the user's real IP to another. This combination gives complete anonymity and uniqueness. Each antidetect tab is like a separate user. At the same time, you can make as many of them as you like and manage them in one program window.


In this article we will tell you about one of the best antidetects - OctoBrowser and how to add a proxy to work with it.

What's good about OctoBrowser?

OctoBrowser is convenient and contains advanced features for anyone looking for an excellent antidetect:

  • Generating browser fingerprints. This is the main function. It allows you to hide browser characteristics such as version, screen resolution, language settings, etc. 
  • Change IP. Antidetect includes the ability to use proxy servers to replace the real IP with another one. 
  • Cookie management. You can manage cookies by saving or deleting them. This is useful for bypassing website tracking systems.
  • Create countless tabs. As mentioned above, each individual tab contains unique user parameters. This is necessary for multi-accounting.

OctoBrowser provides a number of features that make it a tool for various areas of activity. Among them are multi-accounting, arbitration, parsing, and bonus hunting for cryptocurrencies. Let's talk about this in more detail.

How to add a profile and configure a proxy in OctoBrowser?

Now we will explain step by step how to install OctoBrowser, add the first profile and configure a proxy for it. OctoBrowser is a program that anyone who has used a regular browser can understand. So it will be easy.

The OctoBrowser interface is minimalistic. Nothing superfluous, there are not a dozen different buttons.

octobrowser interface

Here's how to create profiles and add proxies to them. Let's look at all the options.

First method: add a proxy when creating a profile

You can enter a proxy when creating a new profile:

  • Let's go to the “Profiles” tab -> “Create profile”.

octobrowser new profile

  • In the main settings you can set the profile name and description. This will help you not to confuse them and remember what you are using them for. For example, this is relevant when having multiple accounts on one social network. Here you can also set the start page. For convenience, with the same multi-account, make sure it leads directly to the specific account you are working with. This will save time and, again, prevent you from getting confused in dozens of profiles.

octobrowser basic setting

  • In the “General” and “Hardware” tabs you can generate user agent, select language, time zone and geolocation. In our case, it is better to bind the last three parameters to the IP proxy we will use. Actually, such a choice is set by default.

octobrowser settings

  • Now in the “Connections” tab, enter a proxy. Click in the “Proxy” field and then “Set new proxy”.
  • Enter IP in the “Host” field. Also enter the port, login, password. Leave SOCKS5 as the default proxy type. This way your data will be encrypted. supports SOCKS5 protocol on all its proxies by default.

octobrowser proxies

  • Click on the “Check Proxy” button. The checker will check if the proxy works. If everything is ok, you can click “Confirm”.
  • Also, note that this proxy can be saved. Check the “Save to list” box and select a name. Now, it will appear in the list of proxies. You will find it in the tab of the same name on the main page of your browser.
  • Once you have created a profile, it will appear in the “Profiles” tab. Find it and click “Start”.
  • A browser window will open. You can work.

octobrowser window

Second method: add a proxy via the tab with the same name

If you plan to use one set of proxies for different tasks, you can create them in advance via the “Proxies” tab.

  • In the “Proxies” tab, click on “Add proxy”.

octobrowser add proxy

  • You will see the same window for adding parameters: name, host (IP), port, login and password.

octobrowser proxy

  • The added proxy will appear in the list.

octobrowser proxy set up

The first and second methods of adding proxies are interchangeable. You can choose any convenient one. Thus, you will add one proxy, but the third method will allow you to add a pool of proxies at a time.

Third method: add a list of proxies all at once

You can add all necessary proxies to OctoBrowser at once. To do this, you need to collect them into one list in a text file and transfer them to the browser. Here's how to do it:

  • In the "Proxies" tab, click on "Bulk Add".

octobrowser bulk add

  • Then you can drag a text file with the recorded proxy into the window, or paste the copied text into it. Let's assume that you got a proxy from your provider with the following parameters: IP, port, login and password. It may look like this: Now you need to add the protocol before it and paste it into the Add Proxy window. The line will look like this: SOCKS5:/
  • When you have added a list of proxies, click the “Confirm” button.

octobrowser proxy list

Done. Now proxies will appear in the list of available ones. You can add them to any profile.

OctoBrowser not only creates a unique browser fingerprint for each session, but also changes IP to another. And it doesn't forget about convenience - each anti-detection tab is like a separate user.

So if you need to work with multiple accounts, parsing, arbitrage or just stay in the shadows, OctoBrowser is the perfect choice.