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Amazon is one of the world's largest online trading platforms, but unfortunately the platform's capabilities are limited for residents of Russia and the CIS. To unlock the full potential of the platform, proxies are used. In this article you will learn how and why to use proxy servers on Amazon.

Shopping on Amazon

The international store is especially popular among fans of online shopping - Amazon offers a wide range of products from all over the world. But for residents of Russia, it is of particular value, because here one buys things that are not available in local stores.

Another advantage of shopping on the site is the cost of some goods. Local CIS and Russian stores often overpriced items and equipment of famous brands, but buying them on Amazon, you can save money, even with shipping and tax deductions. That's why many people use third-party delivery services for things from Europe and the United States. But in order to buy items at EU and American prices, you need to switch your location, or you could get your profile blocked.

When proxies for Amazon are useful

In addition to buying unavailable items at discounted prices, proxies allow you to participate in promotions that are not available for the user's region. This is useful not only for regular shoppers, but also for entrepreneurs who purchase goods on the site.

Proxy servers are also necessary for entrepreneurs who trade on Amazon with multiple accounts. For working with multiple accounts at a single ip address, there is a high risk of getting banned for profiles.

What proxies to buy for Amazon

When choosing a proxy server, you must take into account the peculiarities of Amazon. For example, the IPv6 network protocol is not supported by the online store. Only IPv4 proxies will be suitable for connecting to the service.

It is categorically not recommended to use free proxy-servers. They can cause blocking your profile, because they are often used for illegal actions and such ip addresses are blacklisted in spam databases.

When choosing a tariff, also consider the number of users connected to the proxy server. At common rates, they often divide one proxy for three users, which can lead to blocking the resource due to suspicious activity, so it is better to buy individual proxies for Amazon.

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