How to set up a proxy server on Android

Proxy server is configured in all operating systems of computers and mobile phones, and in several ways. On Android, proxies can be set up through the default settings or with the help of applications. In this article, we will tell you how to set up a proxy on Android using special applications.

Setting up proxies with apps

We will show the proxy configuration using two programs: ProxyDroid and Drony. In them you will connect both “Socks” and HTTPS proxy.



Works only with root rights. If you do not have them, the application will periodically remind you that it will not work without superuser rights

proxydroid настройка

The proxy configuration algorithm in Proxydroid is as follows:

  • Open the application, tap the “Address" and enter it.

прокси дроид проксиproxydroid proxy

  • Click “Port" and enter it.

proxydroid настройка проксипроксидроид настройка прокси

  • Click the “Proxy Server type” and select it. We had IP of the Socks 5 protocol.


  • Scroll down and check the box next to “Enable Authorization".

proxydroid android

  • Specify the username.

проксидроид androidproxydroid андроид прокси

  • Enter the password.

proxydroid андроид проксиproxydroid прокси android

  • We scroll up and tap “On / Off.” Everything has turned gray, because there are no root rights.

proxydroid proxy android


In this application, root rights are not needed to configure a proxy on Android. Install the program and connect proxy.

We do the following:

  • Open "Drony". The Log section will appear in the program. Swipe left. We will see the “Settings" section.

drony настройка проксиdrony proxy настройка

  • Select “Not Wi-Fi".

дрони настройка прокси

  • Click “Hostname” and enter the proxy IP address.

дрони настройка проксиdrony настройка прокси андроид

  • Select the “Port” and enter it.

drony настройка прокси андроиддрони настройка прокси андроид

  • Select the “Username” and enter the login of the intermediate server.

дрони андроидdrony android

  • Click “Password" and enter it.

drony ввод проксидрони ввод прокси

  • Tap “Proxy type" and select the type of IP address.

drony socks5drony https

  • Go to the “Log" tab and click “Enable".

дрони прокси android

  • We see that the proxy is working.

дрони андроид прокси

If you want to disable the IP address, click “Disable".

As you can see, the process of adding an IP takes less than a minute. You can buy USA proxies for Android on our website. We will help you choose the right protocol and IP type. To do this, write to technical support – it works 24/7 and is responsible for a maximum of 5 minutes. If you still have questions, ask them in the comments.