How to Use a Proxy


How proxy servers affect internet speeds

proxy speedThere is a myth floating around the Internet that proxy servers will definitely reduce the speed of your Internet connection. Let's look at this issue under a microscope and reveal all the reasons why proxy servers affect Internet speed.

Myth: Proxies are guaranteed to slow you down

Not all proxies are the same. Outstanding proxies, such as those provided by, can actually improve your internet speed. They reduce latency, optimize traffic, and give faster loading web pages.


VMLogin - anonymous multithreaded antidetect browser


Marketers, arbitrageurs, SEO specialists and bonus hunters are engaged in multi-accounting. It is most convenient to do it in an antidetect browser. It creates dozens of profiles for separate accounts. Each one has a separate proxy and a unique "fingerprint" attached to it.  Two of these elements will eliminate the risk of banning for creating several profiles on one site.

In the review we will tell you about VMLogin antidetect browser. The developers update it constantly. Now they have added support for the Russian language and convenient binding of proxies to profiles.


How HTTP proxies differ from Socks5 proxies

http socksWhen working with proxies, it is very important to choose the right type of proxy for your tasks in order to avoid possible problems and achieve your goals. Most often HTTP proxies and Socks5 proxies are used. The differences between them are in the degree of anonymity, the protocol used, the method of data transfer used in proxy operation, as well as in some additional features. Let's analyze each type of proxy separately.

Features of HTTP proxy


Incorrect DNS and GEO IP address of proxy-server

If you don't know about what one flaw in the MaxMind database led 82-year-old Joyce Taylor of Kansas to, it is highly recommended that you read more about it on news sites.

Let's analyze the situation briefly and without unnecessary details: because of incorrect entries in the IP-address coordinate databases, a resident of a small farm in Kansas was subjected for several years to telephone threats, stalking, and visits from agents of the FBI and tax services. How an IP address database is involved is a logical question, so we'll try to explain. This fuss happened because the company that owns and administers the MaxMind database decided to simplify one of the pointers to geographic coordinates to a shortened form, and so about 600 million IP addresses were directed to this unfortunate farm, which caused the owner to get into trouble.

The "small flaw", which resulted in a nervous breakdown for Joyce Taylor, has already been corrected, but the information remained on the Internet about it, and after it the consequences, and this is not only about the coordinates of individual servers, there is a more global problem, which is what we are talking about today.


Incogniton review: antidetect browser for arbitrage

incogniton logoThe anti-detect browser, Incogniton, provides high anonymity and finds applications in various areas where secrecy is required. This can include, for example, simultaneous management of multiple accounts on different resources where such actions are prohibited. You can download Incogniton from the official website: Let's take a closer look at how to configure proxies for Incogniton and what type of connection is best suited for specific tasks.

The main functionality of the Incogniton anti-detect browser is related to creating a unique digital fingerprint based on IP address, time zone, and WebRTC settings. WebRTC is a standard responsible for streaming audio and video data, as well as content between browsers. Thanks to these capabilities, you can easily create multiple accounts on different resources, even if such actions are prohibited by rules.

When using Incogniton proxies, it provides even greater anonymity and enhances the security of your computer. You can also choose a foreign proxy server to access resources that cannot be connected to from Russia.


Dolphin - antidetect browser for traffic arbitration tasks

лого долфинAnti-detection browsers are created to bypass restrictions on web resources, anonymize activities, and engage in multi-accounting.They operate by replacing the user's digital fingerprint and hiding real data. The digital fingerprint includes information about the device, operating system, cookies, plugins, browsing history, time zone, memory, language, and other more complex parameters. An anti-detection browser conceals these fingerprints from anti-fraud systems, thereby allowing users to appear as completely different individuals. This enables them to work with dozens or even hundreds of accounts without the risk of being blocked for multi-accounting. In this article, we will take a detailed look at Dolphin{anty} and explore the reasons why proxies are necessary when using it.

What is Dolphin{anty}

Dolphin{anty} - an popular anti-detection browser created by arbitrator Denis Zhitnyakov in 2021. Today the number of users of this browser is more than 800,000.


PayV CPA network: selected offers in top niches

Партнёрская сеть payv

PayV affiliate network presents crypto gambling, a new and high trending affiliate marketing niche.

What is crypto gambling?

It is a type of online gambling that uses virtual currencies as a means of payment. Players pay and get paid in cryptocurrencies, which makes crypto casinos more attractive in terms of payments speed and gamers’ privacy.


What is ChatGPT and how to access it through a proxy

logo chatgptChatGPT is a neural network called the new Google. Ordinary users are happy with the novelty and testing it in every way, while freelancers are afraid of losing their jobs.

ChatGPT is able not just to support the conversation, but to fully carry out a job for you: to write an article, a term paper, do analysis, write or check program code. Neural network is trainable, so it can take into account all the data you enter into it. The only drawback is that the information is relevant for 2020 and there is no connection to the World Wide Web yet. Also, users from certain countries, such as Russia, will not be able to use ChatGPT due to regional restrictions. In this article let's find out what ChatGPT is, how to use it and get access.


Clon Browser is a foreign antidetect browser for multi-accounting

Anonymous (antidetect) browsers are necessary to hide PC footprints and parameters. For example, if for attracting visitors to another web-site such platforms as Facebook, Yandex or Google Ads are used, you might be banned when launching ads from several accounts from browsers such as Firefox or Chrome if settings are incorrect. Or when you have more than three accounts in a social network for product advertisement: without a proxy or antidetect browser such accounts can be blocked because of the same IP-address.

There are a lot of antidetect browsers with similar features in the network. A perspective project may be distinguished out of them - Clon Browser. When compared with same services the price for the same services differs; namely, in average the price for “Novice” package in another antidetect browser constitutes between 30$ and 110$, whereas, the price for Clon Browser start package constitutes 10$. As well, a custom package may be executed which will include only the functions which may be useful. The price shall be discussed with the customer support, as well as the functions you want to have.

Clow Browser is a product by a small team of Singapore developers. As they declare on project’s official web-site, “profile setup in ClonBrowser creates individual environment for information view and search”. To use ClonBrowser, it is recommended to have translator at hand unless you speak English. Translation into Russian is available, but it is incomplete, so far. They promise to fix the situation in future updates.


What XRumer is and which proxies should be chosen to work with it in 2022

Xrumer is a powerful tool for spam which is able to independently register accounts on web-sites, to bypass captures and protections from automatic registrations and publications.

The principle tasks which are resolved using Xrumer:

  • increase link mass;
  • bringing up key requests in data presentation by search engines;
  • attracting target audience, increase in sales;
  • improving behavioural factors;
  • increasing company, web-site, brand awareness.