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Antik Browser is a reliable anti-detect tool for working with multi-accounts on various platforms

antik browser logoAnti-detect browsers help you bypass restrictions on web resources, engage in multiple accounts without the risk of being banned, and maintain anonymity on the Internet. Each Internet user is assigned a digital fingerprint, which includes information about the user’s device. Geolocation, operating system, memory, plugins, cookies, time zone, language - this information is contained in the fingerprint. Sites instantly read the digital fingerprint of each visitor and identify the user. This option allows online platforms to monitor activity, identify site violations, and ban users. Anti-detect browsers have been developed to hide the technical characteristics of a computer. They mask the user’s digital fingerprint and make it possible to bypass website restrictions - work with multiple accounts simultaneously, access inaccessible web resources, and parse data without restrictions.

In this article we will look at the anti-detect browser Antik Browser. We will analyze its functionality, features, and also tell you why you need proxies and how to configure them.


Apify: proven web parsing tool

apify logoApify is a universal scraping solution that provides the ability to collect any type of information on the Internet. More than 15,000 companies in 179 countries, including Microsoft, Samsung, Thorn and Accenture, trust this tool for their business projects. Apify can be used by any company. In this review, we'll look at how Apify can help you collect and process data, and what powerful scraping tools it provides.

Apify Software Features

Let's highlight the capabilities of this tool:


ZaleyCash - service for profitable replenishment of advertising accounts

zaleycash logoZaleyCash is a profitable deposit service for more than 30 advertising networks. It acts as a single wallet that can be replenished in any convenient way and further distribute your budget among the necessary advertising networks. This is not only convenient (you can replenish balances from a single window), but also profitable: the service gives up to 29% bonuses that you can spend on advertising.

What else is ZaleyCash useful for?

  • The ability to open virtual cards without commission to pay for advertising networks and popular Internet services (Google ads, TikTok, Meta, Netflix, YouTube, Booking, Apple Store, Amazon and many others).
  • Large selection of payment methods. We accept not only payments from bank cards, WMZ and Capitalist, Cryptadium and other convenient methods. Also, you can replenish the advertising account directly from the balance of the affiliate program, without a hold and with a guaranteed bonus of 3%.

Hidemyacc - antidetect browser for solving various tasks

hidemyacc logoAvoid account ban, protect yourself from hackers and intruders, prevent identity theft, create dozens of accounts without the risk of blocking - Hidemyacc is capable of this. In the article we will tell you what it is, in what cases it will be needed and how the use of a proxy will help improve the performance of your work.

What is Hidemyacc

Hidemyacc is an anti-detect browser that hides the user's online identity and provides complete anonymity and security by masking the browser's digital fingerprint. In May, an update to version 3.0 was released. The updated version introduced a new interface, expanded functionality and used the new Marco browser source code. It is possible to use version 3.0 simultaneously with Hidemyacc 2.0.


ADxAD Ad Network: overview of the advertising network

ADxAD logoOur service and friends ADxAD Ad Network have prepared a perfect offer for you!

We know how it's important to find high quality traffic that will convert perfectly. ADxAD Advertising Network providing HQ traffic with flexible targeting, performance and accuracy. Start with them and get Free Full Service: advertise to profit.

ADxAD provides traffic for several mainstream verticals: Dating, Gambling, Gaming, Nutra, Betting, Crypto and others. Their managers take a personalized approach to all customers and help optimize your campaigns.


Youtube Booster is a program to promote your Youtube channel

YouTube BoosterYouTube was and still is the most famous video hosting site. On the site, almost every user can publish content and make money from it. However, today it is difficult to gain the first views and subscribers, because monopolists in different niches take away almost all the traffic. Therefore, the question arises as to how to promote a channel on YouTube, despite the fierce competition.

Promotion of the YouTube channel

Today we're going to look at a program that can solve all the problems of a beginner youtuber: gain subscribers, bring your video to the top, earn money from advertising, get likes and comments. The advantage of automatic promotion is that the videos will be promoted regardless of the youtube algorithms. There will be as many views, likes and subscriptions as you want (within reason).


What are testnets, nodes and how to make money on them

Тестнеты и нодыCryptocurrencies have appeared recently, but during their operation they have gained unprecedented popularity and capitalization. This is due to the fact that crypto allows anonymous exchange of payment funds, as well as maintaining a high level of security. Over time, ways to make money from cryptocurrency began to appear. We will talk about two of them today: testnets and nodes are on the agenda.


Testnets are the user activity that new cryptoprojects attract. It is needed to test all the mechanisms of the project: from the security of funds storage to transactions. Cryptocurrency projects are sometimes willing to pay users to test their functionality.


Affiliate program 3SNET: benefits, offers

3snet3SNET CPA network provides profitable cooperation to webmasters and advertisers! 3SNET started in 2016, and today it offers more than 1,000 offers under the WW GEO. Partners are offered exclusive bids on the best market players in the gambling, betting and crypto verticals.

3SNET partner network capabilities:

  • individual rates for HQ traffic;
  • after the test is cast;

How to bypass access problems from Airbnb

прокси для AirbnbIf you're traveling, whether it's to another city or another country, Airbnb can help you find the right accommodation. This is a convenient service for comparing prices, service, and other parameters. Users also leave reviews about hosts and hotels, which allows you to find the best option. Airbnb has dozens of lodging categories for every taste: breakfast, seaside, on-the-go, in a cave, with a pool, and more. The service has recently stopped working in some areas. But that's no reason to postpone your long-awaited trip, because there is a way to get access to Airbnb without restrictions. We'll use proxies and other tricks.


How the popularity of anonymization tools grew in 2021-2022

Как рос спрос на средства анонимизацииAnonymization tools are a popular product among Internet users. There are plenty of reasons to hide your identity: to get rid of browsing history collection, to open a territorially inaccessible site, to bypass IP blocking and many other things. In this article you will learn how the demand for anonymization tools grew in popularity over 2021-2022.

Anonymization tools include any programs or tools that can hide a user's electronic identity (IP).

What events caused the rise in popularity of anonymization tools

In 2021, means of anonymity began to gain in popularity. This is partly due to the events of June. This month, the number of inquiries on the subject of "VPN" almost doubled. In June 2021, Roskomnadzor received unprecedented authority to manage Runet. The agency took possession of information about phone conversations and locations of Russians using the Internet. The toolkit for restricting foreign Internet resources that violate Russian law was also expanded.