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Overview of the ClickAdilla advertising network

ClickAdillaThe Internet opens up a lot of opportunities for promoting a business, selling services and goods. There will definitely be potential clients among the multi-million audience. One of the effective methods of attracting traffic is advertising on websites. There are services for buying traffic on various web resources - advertising networks. The user can only advertise with his offer, and the service will post it on popular sites. In this article we will talk about one of these advertising networks - ClickAdilla. Let's look at the possibilities, advantages and describe how to get started with an advertising network.


Overview of the affiliate network

openaffAffiliate networks are an indispensable tool in the field of affiliate marketing that connect advertisers and affiliates. Affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing in which a merchant partners with intermediaries to advertise their products. This leaves both the site owner and the advertiser in the black. Brands attract new customers and scale their business, and webmasters receive an additional source of income for placing advertisements on their web resource. Today we’ll look at a proven affiliate network – OpenAFF. Let's talk about it in more detail, describe its advantages and functionality.

What is OpenAFF


How experts promote a brand on social networks

продвижение в соцсетяхLet's imagine a small coffee shop "Favorite Coffee", which has just opened and wants to attract the attention of coffee lovers on the VKontakte social network. They understand that competition in the field is fierce, so they need to not only exist on social networks, but stand out.


The company wants to attract customers through social networks and increase awareness of the “Favorite Coffee” brand.

Here's how to do it using multi-accounts and proxy servers.


How can BrowserScan help users achieve real anonymity and not get banned for having multiple account


Every step on the Internet is tracked by websites. The user leaves a trace in the form of an IP address and digital fingerprint.

IP is a unique identifier of the computer or smartphone from which you access the Internet.

Digital fingerprint or fingerprint - contains a set of data about it: operating system, time zone, language, browser and other parameters. The sum of this information allows sites to distinguish a user from the mass of others.


Review of the new antidetect browser Surfinite


Antidetect browsers are special web browsers that significantly increase anonymity by spoofing the Fingerprint. 

Fingerprint is a unique browser fingerprint that a user leaves when surfing the Internet. The fingerprint includes a variety of data: OS model and RAM size, language, fonts, screen resolution, and other parameters. Some sites (e.g. social networks) can ban a user based on the fingerprint, even if they change their IP or proxy. Antidetect browsers are used to change the fingerprint. 

A new product - Surfinite - has recently appeared in the niche of antidetects. In this review we will consider its main functionality, advantages and features, and tell you who will benefit from it.

14Mar2024 antidetect browser review

browser lol

Cybersecurity is the most important point on which the safety of personal data and device operation depends. Hackers use ten ways to hack users and advanced programs: phishing links, relinking to a fraudulent site, infecting a computer through a call. It is easy to fall under a hacker attack - just go to that site or open a suspicious link.

There is a tool that protects personal data from leakage - a virtual browser. This is a browser that operates in a network environment and is in no way connected to the global system. When working in a virtual browser, you should not be afraid of unreliable links and sites, since if something happens, it is not your computer that will become infected, but the virtual environment. Let's talk about the virtual browser We will describe how it works, what problems it solves and analyze the advantages.


Overview of NSTBrowser anti-detect browser

nstbrowserNstbrowser is a cutting-edge anti-detect browser designed for professionals managing multiple accounts, offering unparalleled web scraping, automation, and profile management capabilities. Compatible with Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium, it integrates proxy management and unlocking technologies for a seamless experience.

What is an antidetect browser?


Review of the new Lauth antidetect browser


Antidetect browsers are tools designed to provide anonymity on the Internet. They accomplish this by altering the digital fingerprint of the user's computer. They allow you to create many unique accounts. You can register on the same site over and over again, but by generating a new "browser fingerprint" and a proxy server that changes the user's IP, no one will suspect a connection between them. So you will avoid bans. 

Antidetect browsers are necessary for those who are engaged in marketing, traffic arbitrage, creation and promotion of accounts in social networks, as well as for those who work with several accounts on online platforms.


Review of Capsolver - a tool that helps in solving captchas


We are constantly faced with “captchas” — annoying humanness tests that require you to strain your eyes to recognize and enter distorted words or numbers. This is annoying and creates obstacles while browsing the Internet.

If for an ordinary user this is a momentary nuisance, then for a specialist who parses data, does arbitrage, etc., it is an everyday problem. To solve it, we created a Capsolver that solves the captcha for you. We'll tell you what this program is, describe its functionality and advantages.


Overview of GSA Automation Programs for SEO promotion

gsa onlinePromoting a business on the Internet is inextricably linked with automation programs. It is difficult to manually collect information from hundreds of sites, send thousands of messages and promote a page. To quickly achieve results and save time, SEO specialists and entrepreneurs use special software. In this article we will talk about useful programs for SEO and promotion: Search Engine Ranken, Website Contact and others. They were created by GSA, a company that develops software and databases. In addition, we will look at why proxies are needed for software and where to get them.

GSA Search Engine Ranker