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StakeStone, Hybrid, GOAT Gaming, AI Gram: review of new drops


We present a new selection of drops that you can make money with multi-accounting (creating multiple accounts). For each drop you will need a standard set of tools: 

  • Proxies - mandatory, you can't do without them, otherwise the accounts will be banned;
  • Antidetect browsers - will help you reduce the chances of losing your account even more by replacing the browser fingerprint.
  • Phone numbers and emails - consumables for registering new accounts.
  • Wallets (e.g. MetaMask) - will be needed to withdraw digital assets obtained from the drop.

Let's get to the overview of drops.


Overview of - the largest affiliate network

A CPA (Cost Per Action) network, commonly known as an affiliate network, is a platform that connects the needs of webmasters and advertisers, providing a conducive environment for both parties to collaborate effectively. These networks function based on affiliate marketing principles, where sellers team up with intermediaries to market their products.

Here's how it works: an advertiser lists an offer within the affiliate network, and affiliates (or partners) earn revenue by driving clients to perform specific actions. This article delves into the renowned CPA network, highlighting its unique features and benefits.


How to automatically earn tokens in Wormfare and take care of the environment


Wormfare is a free-to-play collection game where players can collect cards and participate in quests. The main goal of the project is to draw attention to environmental issues and support global environmental initiatives. The game features a “quests to earn'' model that allows players to receive rewards for completing tasks. Wormfare is launched via a Telegram bot. You can only play it from a smartphone.

You can earn coins in Wormfare. Participants can earn $WOFR tokens by completing quests and taking part in battles. For those who want to automate the earning process, we have prepared detailed instructions below.


How to automate cryptocurrency earnings in the TapSwap game: detailed instructions

tapswapTap-to-earns are familiar to everyone who makes money on cryptocurrency. This is a genre of game, the essence of which is to repeatedly click on the screen. The goal of players is to achieve certain results through clicks. Tap-to-earns are used to receive bonuses. Extracting resources manually is problematic: you will have to click on the screen for hours. This process can be automated using software: a smartphone emulator, auto-clicker and proxy. We will give step-by-step instructions on how to automate the collection of points in the TapSwap game and earn money.

Multi-account and automation in TapSwap

TapSwap is a game where you can earn cryptocurrency for performing various actions. 


How to automatically earn cryptocurrency in Hamster Kombat: detailed step-by-step instructions

hamster kombat logo

Many gamers have already turned tap-to-earn into real sources of “gaining” bonuses. You don't have to sit and poke at a coin on your screen all day. This is exactly the essence of the game in classic tap-to-earn. 

To do this, you will need software: a smartphone emulator, an autoclicker and proxy servers. Don't let the complexity scare you. We have given instructions that any user can follow. 

So, let's figure out how to automatically earn points in Hamster Kombat.

Multi-account and automation in Hamster Kombat

Hamster Kombat launches via official bot in Telegram. Therefore, we will need messenger and proxy accounts. We implement multi-accounting in the android emulator BlueStacks. To automate tapping we use an autoclicker. None of this is difficult. Just repeat every action after us.


An automatic way to earn tokens in MemeFi without even tapping the screen


MemeFi is an amazing game that crossed internet memes and cryptocurrencies. It worked: it attracted two million players thanks to its concept and humorous approach to the world of Internet memes.

However, it is primarily a crypto project and an opportunity to earn points, which are then exchanged for tokens. In the article we will understand how to automate the receipt of points and multiply them. We will also discuss the prospects of the MEMEFI token. This is the main question for all players.


How do I earn coins in PixelTap automatically?

pixel tap

PixelTap is a crypto game built into the Telegram messenger. 

The main way to earn money is to tap on a yellow coin, which allows you to reset the timer. However, if you do not want to tap constantly, you can click the "get" button, but this will completely reset the timer. Daily income in the form of coins is also credited to players, and it can be increased by improving bots.

However, in this article we will show you how to instruct an autoclicker to tap and not do it yourself. Moreover, we will show you how to multiply income using multi-accounting.


Kameleo anti-detect browser review


It's no secret that users' actions on the Internet do not go unnoticed. Websites identify individuals by a digital fingerprint that is assigned to each user. It includes information about the device, location, browser, time zone, language and other important parameters.

Identification of users by digital fingerprint gives many advantages to sites: you can track what users are doing on the Internet and identify violators of site rules. However, such surveillance does not bring anything good to users and often interferes with the solution of personal and professional tasks. Fortunately, there is a tool that helps you get rid of surveillance and become anonymous on the Internet — the Kameleo anti-detect browser. We'll tell you what it is, how it works and what features it offers.


Review of the traffic buying platform - CPAExchange


Advertising on the Internet has a powerful effect and brings in millions of rubles. There is a constant battle for traffic in the online space. To achieve results and attract potential customers, it is important to understand where exactly to place an advertising offer in order to attract the target audience. To make the lead generation process faster and more efficient, users turn to affiliate networks. Such platforms act as intermediaries between advertisers and webmasters. The advertiser gets leads, and webmasters or affiliates get money.


Why do 60,000 arbitrage specialists use MyBrocard, and why are they so popular in they so popular?


Payment for advertising, trackers, analytics platforms, and automation tools requires control. Delays can lead to campaign suspensions, which threaten loss of traffic, decreased revenue, and reputational risks.

Therefore, the MyBrocard service offered digital marketing specialists virtual payment cards. This solution has become timely and in demand. The numbers speak for themselves: 60,000 arbitrage specialists and 2,000 teams use the service. MyBrocard has established itself as one of the best in the CIS.

What problems does MyBrocard solve?

In large teams with many buyers, controlling expenses is challenging. It is necessary to ensure that each person uses the allocated funds correctly.