Sneaker bots for buying sneakers: what is it and who makes money on it

Сникер-боты для покупки кроссовокSneaker bots (bots for buying sneakers) are programs that use a special algorithm to buy goods on the Internet, and do it much faster than people. The order time is about 0.2 seconds.

In practice, the sneaker bot is used to buy rare goods in online stores. The bot tenfold increases the probability of buying, for example, an exclusive pair of Adidas sneakers or a Louis Vuitton handbag.

Against the backdrop of a shortage, there are people who are willing to pay for rare shoes 3-5, and sometimes 10 times their market value. These are Sneakerheads.


What is Whitelist and AirDrop and which proxy to choose to work with them

airdrop logoFor many people, cryptocurrencies are an unfamiliar and untrustworthy field. According to some, they are created for one purpose - to take money from the depositor, and the very idea of creating cryptocurrencies is presented as a scam on which it is impossible to make money. But this is a myth. And now you will be convinced of it.

What is Airdrop and Whitelist

Despite its youth, cryptocurrency is starting to enter the currency markets of most countries. This is due to the growth in the value of individual cryptocurrencies, which makes it possible to make a lot of money from investing in coins. Many people think that it is too late to invest in crypto, because you need a lot of capital to make money, but this is not true, because there are tools that allow you to get cryptocurrencies for free or buy tokens before they enter the market.


Multi-accounting on Coinlist: what is it for, what is the benefit

Nowadays, it’s a common situation when people use a multi account. We can notice it when working with different services such as betting shops, online games, and social networks. The token sale is a thing where multi accounts are popular too. Users create from 10 to 1000 profiles to buy and sell crypto

Multi account is creating and maintaining more than one account on the website or service. As a rule, websites forbid the usage of multiple accounts, and the violation of this rule leads to a ban.

Why Do You Need Multi Account on Coinlist

Coinlist has the following rules: the number of selling tokens is limited; moreover, there is the minimum purchase threshold. If the number of people willing to purchase the token is more than the number of offers, tokens are divided into investors in a random way.


What Coinlist Is and Why You Need Proxy to Work With It

coinlist logoNeoteric investors choose Coinlist platform as they buy crypto there and sell it when it's x50 times more expensive. In this article, we’ll tell you what Coinlist is, why it’s worth choosing and how to earn there much more by using a proxy. So let’s dive in!

What Coinlist Is

Coinlist is a platform where people buy cryptocurrency on its “germ”. In other words, the token sale occurs — the sale of prospective crypto before listing. Coinlist is the first kind of platform.


Token Sale: What Is It and Why You Need It

As crypto and mining are gaining popularity, a lot of services appear to realize tokens. Recently token sale platforms have appeared, but they’re mostly private. This article is aimed at telling you about the ins and outs of the token sale and explaining what the cryptocurrency market is.

What the Token Sale Is

The token sale is the tokens, or crypto, the trading process between people or organizations. Nowadays, platforms of token selling and purchasing are developing, and the most well-known of them are Coinlist and Binance. They remind trading platforms with share selling and purchasing, but instead of shares, we see cryptocurrency.


How to change date and time on Windows

windwows 10 логоDate and Time are standard elements of any OS that performs lots of functions: automatically creates a restore point, defragments the hard disk, and tracks downtime to put the system into sleep or power-saving mode. You see if these two parameters are incorrect, there will be disruptions in apps working. 

In our article we will tell you how to change date and time in several ways.

How to Set Date and Time in System Parameters?

For changing date and time, go to the menu or hold down Win + I. and click on the gear icon. Then:


How to Set Up DNS Servers in Windows

public dnsYou have probably heard or read about configuring DNS servers which helps to deal problems with Internet-connection. In this article we consider what is a DNS server and why for is it, what are the Google public addresses and how to set up DNS in Windows. 

DNS is a protocol converting the domain name of a web-source into an IP-address. Every provider uses an individual DNS-server which works in this way. But people face with cases when problems and bags occur from the provider’s side, therefore if you try to surf the web-source, you will see the message “DNS-address ***** was not found” or the similar one. If you have this problem, don’t be discouraged or just wait while a provider deals with bags. It is easier to use public DNS-servers.


Disabling Java in browsers and OS

What is Java and how to disable itModern browsers are not just windows for browsing the web. They contain additional tools that perform a number of tasks related to displaying pages, network code operation, data transfer, viewing media files and other functions that are used in the browser. These functions are useful in themselves, so initially they are often enabled in the browser in order to save users from tedious browser settings after installing it.

And Java is an example of such a technology. Java itself is a platform and programming language that developers use to create applications, scripts, and web page elements. Java is also used when working with a large number of programs and applications which you’re using. Browsers also use Java technology to correctly display the content of pages, as well as to work with embedded elements. Despite all the benefits that this technology brings, there are critical flaws that are simply unacceptable to some users. The fact is that in Java there are vulnerabilities that lead to leakage of information about your device, IP address, and other information.


How to avoid IP leak through WebRTC – disabling

How to avoid IP leak through WebRTC WebRTC is a special network protocol developed by Google. It is used by Google Chrome developers and is initially embedded in it, as well as in browsers created based on its architecture. So most popular browsers use this protocol: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Yandex Browser. This also applies to mobile applications.

Let’s take a look at how this technology works and how to disable WebRTC in different browsers.

WebRTC technology is designed to transfer video and audio streams directly between browsers and mobile devices. This is used for video conferencing. The technology has built-in required audio and video codecs that provide a good level of communication.