Dolphin - antidetect browser for traffic arbitration tasks

лого долфинAnti-detection browsers are created to bypass restrictions on web resources, anonymize activities, and engage in multi-accounting.They operate by replacing the user's digital fingerprint and hiding real data. The digital fingerprint includes information about the device, operating system, cookies, plugins, browsing history, time zone, memory, language, and other more complex parameters. An anti-detection browser conceals these fingerprints from anti-fraud systems, thereby allowing users to appear as completely different individuals. This enables them to work with dozens or even hundreds of accounts without the risk of being blocked for multi-accounting. In this article, we will take a detailed look at Dolphin{anty} and explore the reasons why proxies are necessary when using it.

What is Dolphin{anty}

Dolphin{anty} - an popular anti-detection browser created by arbitrator Denis Zhitnyakov in 2021. Today the number of users of this browser is more than 800,000.


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Initially Dolphin{anty} was developed for traffic arbitrage purposes, but over time it has been refined and upgraded to serve tasks in any online field. Dolphin{anty} is a client-oriented product as it is constantly improved and updated for user convenience. The developers collect  the opinions and requirements of the users and enhance the platform based on their desires. Dolphin{anty} operates on a custom-built browser engine, which is its main advantage and distinguishing feature from similar browsers. This allows for the realistic replacement of fingerprints. The browser is comfortable and enjoyable to use, equipped with a user-friendly and flexible interface, as well as a wide range of built-in functionality.

dolphin антидетект

Screenshot of the Dolphin{anty} interface

Review of Dolphin{anty}

The browser provides all the tools for comfortable and productive work.What functionality Dolphin offers:

  • Securely managing an unlimited number of accounts. Dolphin{anty} allows you to work with an unlimited number of browser profiles from a single device, with each profile maintaining a unique browser fingerprint.

dolphin anty browser

  • Efficient teamwork. There are four available roles in Dolphin{anty}: Admin, Teamlead, Buyer, and Farmer. Each role can be customized with specific access levels.
    Automation scripts. The browser includes built-in automation for repetitive tasks, allowing users to automate farming account activities, information parsing, and more without needing coding knowledge. Create your own automation templates.
    API automation. In addition to script automation, Dolphin{anty} supports management through automation tools like Selenium, Puppeteer, and Playwright.
    Proxy manager. Conveniently manage all added proxy services in one place.
    Extension manager. Control browser extensions, easily installing or removing them from browser profiles with just a few clicks.
    Bulk operations. Dolphin{anty} enables performing operations in bulk. Simply select the desired profiles, proxies, or extensions to execute specific actions such as adding parameters, editing, or exporting information.

All pricing plans include a comprehensive set of features, including a proxy manager, browser extensions, bookmarks, and quick pages, automation builder, and team management.


Dolphin{anty} has additional options and features that make work easier and more efficient:

  • Adding bookmarks to the homepage that will be saved in the browser and accessible for each profile.
    Real browser profile fingerprints. Developers collect fingerprints from real users and only then generate them for the users.

anty detect browser dolphin

  • Integration with Facebook ad automation service (Dolphin auto-upload).
    Changing dynamic proxy IP by URL link with just one click.
    Creating tags, statuses, and notes for each profile. This helps to organize profiles.
    Presence of a robot cookie. It automatically collects cookie files and creates the appearance of a real person online.
    Mass export of cookie files.
    Transferring profiles to other browser users.
    Profile bin with the ability to self-recover within 48 hours.
    Copying profiles with fingerprint randomization. You can create a copy of an existing profile, but with a new fingerprint.
    Dark and light theme interface.

The main feature of Dolphin{anty} that should be highlighted is its professional and friendly technical support, which will solve your problem in a convenient format of interaction. You can contact them directly in the browser program or through the chat form on the website.

антидетект браузер долфин

Summing up it can be said that Dolphin{anty} is convenient and enjoyable to work with due to its well-thought-out functionality and useful features that make work easier. If you need to master multi-accounting, Dolphin{anty} anti-detection is an excellent solution, and when combined with proxies from our service, it provides long-term protection against bans and restrictions.

Register on the Dolphin{anty} website right now and get a free plan for 10 profiles!

​The article mentions the social network Facebook, recognized as extremist in Russia