Free online check of proxy servers

IP address is 4 numbers from 0 to 255, separated by dots
HTTP(S) or SOCKS5 port, which is needed to connect to the proxy
Only necessary if you have private proxy
Only necessary if you have private proxy
Supports any input mask using virtually any delimiter

When you buy a proxy, you need to check the address to make sure it works. There are usually two ways to test proxies. The first way is to use a service to check the IP address. To do it you need to connect a proxy through your browser or set up a network connection through a proxy for the whole network. Then you should choose any service you like (e.g. and check its website, making sure to clear the cache and cookies in your browser. If the proxy works, you will see the IP address of the proxy and its location will correspond to the geolocation of the proxy. The main disadvantage of this method is the need to connect a proxy.

The second way is by using special proxy-checking tools - proxy checkers. They are usually separate programs or modules that exist on some Web sites. Unlike the first method, you do not need to connect a proxy. You just need to enter the proxy credentials you need.

Let's take our proxy checker as an example. The main advantages of the proxy checker are usability and ease of use. If you are a user of our service, you are able to check the order functionality without entering any data when you access the tab "Proxy check by order number". Simply select your order number and click "Verify Proxy.

If you want to check third-party proxies or a specific IP from an order with our service, go to "Proxy check with details" and enter your proxy's IP address, port, and username and password if you have private proxies, and then click "Test Proxies".