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New Year's sale - every second proxy is free

Новогодняя ёлка proxys.io

The New Year is getting closer and closer, which means it's time to launch an unusual New Year's campaign. When you buy 1 proxy as a gift, you will receive 1 more proxy. The promotion is valid for any number of proxies, i.e., by buying 10 addresses, you will receive 10 as a gift.

The following countries participate in the campaign:

  • Azerbaijan
  • Singapore

Black Friday - discounts up to 50%!

black fridayThis year Black Friday does not skirt our service. We are launching the largest SALE ever, discounts of up to 50% on the following countries:

  • Azerbaijan (20% discount);
  • Andorra (20% discount);
  • Bangladesh (10% discount);
  • Belarus (20% discount);
  • Belgium (40% discount);
  • Bulgaria (30% discount);
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (50% discount)

Cashback up to 30% + new countries on Shared IPv4

cashback proxyWe recently added 11 new countries to the Shared IPv4 tariff. We see that you are actively buy them, so we decided to add 12 new countries. In "Shared IPv4" tariff we added: Algeria, Australia, Austria, Colombia, Croatia, Finland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Slovenia and Turkey.

In honor of this we are launching a promotion until the end of the month. With "Shared IPv4" tariff you can buy proxies and get up to 30% cashback. The amount of the rebate and the list of countries will be updated by our system randomly every few days. Current information about countries and percentage will be available in our Telegram-channel.


Earnings from proxies under the affiliate program

How to make money on proxies – Affiliate ProgramDear friends, we are pleased to inform you that we have an affiliate program, on which you can earn money just by recommending our service. Admit, it is very pleasant to recommend a good thing or product, which you will not be ashamed of, and it is even more pleasant to receive monetary rewards from that.

Imagine that you are a frequenter of webmasters’ forums, you have communities dedicated to traffic arbitration or you are a working webmaster yourself and would like to receive additional income. PROXYS.IO gives you this opportunity.

When working on our affiliate program, you get:

  • Twenty percent deductions from the cost of all the referral orders.
  • Preservation of client Cookies for 30 days.
  • Lifetime fixation of rebills.