Proxies for TikTok: why you need it, how to use it and which ones are suitable

тик ток проксиAccording to data on 1st July 2021, TikTok is used by 689 million people monthly; therefore, there is a sense to make ads on this social media. The main audience of this network are girls and women; hence, amulets and weight loss products will go with a bang.

To avoid bans on TikTok, you should use proxies. In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about them and where you can buy IP addresses.

Why You Need Proxies for TikTok + Where You Can Buy Them

Proxies for TikTok are used in order to cheat an antifraud system, as TikTok is a lot like Facebook when it comes to bans – it blocks all things. Especially when we talk about multi-accounting. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re doing mass following or just farming accounts – if you have several profiles, TikTok bans all of them immediately. This is because profiles with the same IP are suspected in a network of accounts while such a network is useless for a normal user.


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Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises, it’s better to follow the rule 1 TikTok account = 1 proxy.

The best bet for TikTok is residential proxies. We suggest you buy residential proxies for TikTok on our website. They’re good for this social media because they’re registered in the regional Internet registrars (RIR). Hence, it’s much more difficult for an antifraud system to tell difference between a real user or a person who’s using a proxy. If it bans such an account, there is a risk of banning a potential TikToker.

How Can You Use Proxies on TikTok

To work on this social media successfully, you need an antidetect browser. How it works:

  • Creating a new tab.
  • Adding a proxy to it.
  • Creating a new account on TikTok.

As an option, you can use Proxifier. But it isn’t convenient because when using it, it’s too difficult to add a new IP address to every account. In antidetects, you can do it much easier.

The most popular antidetects are LinkenSphere and MultiLogin. But there are cheaper alternatives. For example:

In general, there are a lot of such browsers – use the one that you like most.

Final Thoughts

As you see, the rules of proxy usage on TikTok are simple: 1 TikTok profile = 1 IP. But keep in mind that IP addresses aren’t a guarantee of bans protectio

The best bet for this social media is residential proxies because they’re real users’ addresses. Likewise, you can’t get by without antidetect-browsers. In 2021, there are tons of such browsers in the antidetect market – choose that appeals to you most.