VMLogin - anonymous multithreaded antidetect browser


Marketers, arbitrageurs, SEO specialists and bonus hunters are engaged in multi-accounting. It is most convenient to do it in an antidetect browser. It creates dozens of profiles for separate accounts. Each one has a separate proxy and a unique "fingerprint" attached to it.  Two of these elements will eliminate the risk of banning for creating several profiles on one site.

In the review we will tell you about VMLogin antidetect browser. The developers update it constantly. Now they have added support for the Russian language and convenient binding of proxies to profiles.


VMLogin functionality

The developers created the VMLogin anti-detect so that users would not have to use different computers for multi-accounting. Everything is in one program window. A separate tab is a separate computer with internet. "Fingerprint" will give it a unique configuration: OS, screen resolution, browser type and version, time zone. Proxies will assign a separate unique IP to the "computer". As a result, even the most demanding web resource will not suspect the user that he is engaged in multi-accounting.

Please note that full uniqueness can be achieved only by combining a proxy with a "browser fingerprint".

If you don't change IP, both accounts will be banned at once when they see that they were created from the same address. Also, only changing the IP does not give uniqueness. The administration will see that the user creates accounts from the same device. Strict to the protection of web resources are banned even if there is a suspicion of multi-accounting. As a result, there is a risk of losing all accounts at once.

Access to VMLogin

You can download a free version to familiarize yourself with the browser's capabilities. To do this, you need to register on the website.


After that, you will receive an e-mail confirming that you have activated the three-day trial version. Its features are enough to evaluate the tool. In the free version you can:

  • Create and save 5 browser profiles.
  • Create sub-accounts/sub-accounts. Each sub-account is a separate environment with settings, data and security parameters. For example, you can create a sub-account for a specific website or app, another for social media, another for testing or analyzing data. Each sub-account has its own cookies, cache, and proxy and fingerprint.
  • Create an unlimited number of "browser fingerprints".
  • Batch profile creation. This allows users to manage a large number of accounts, with just a few mouse clicks. This way you save time: the user can create many profiles at one time, and then customize them as needed.
  • Batch import and export of cookies is also available.
  • Basic REST API. It is possible to work with services and applications via HTTP data transfer. This allows you to integrate web services with other applications, develop your own applications or automate processes. More details on how to do this are described in the API Automation.

You can also choose an individual Solo subscription, a Team subscription, or an advanced Scale subscription. The feature set is the same, so choose based on how many browser profiles you want to create:

  • 200 — Solo.
  • 500 — Team.
  • 3000 — Scale.

If you pay for an annual subscription, you'll save 25% off the cost.

vmlogin tariff

After you receive an account registration confirmation email, you can download a trial version of VMLogin.

For those who have downloaded the browser and want to figure it out, a detailed guide to basic browser setup is provided in this "Tutorial" section of the VMLogin website.

Advantages of VMLogin

The developers emphasize the following advantages of the product:

  • In VMLogin you can create unique profiles with new data, individual cookies, cache and network settings. This creates the effect that the user is working on a separate, unique computer or smartphone.
  • VMLogin prevents leakage of personal information, including IP address, location, and OS and browser information, which reduces the risk of account bans and increases account longevity.

We should also note that the developers have provided for the possibility of customizing the browser to perform repetitive tasks. This saves the time of a specialist. It is worth talking about it in detail, because such a function will please users who are engaged in multi-accounting every day:

  • You can automate registering new accounts, filling out forms, sending messages, and so on. 
  • You can also schedule tasks. For example, you can schedule automatic creation of social media posts at a certain time of day. 
  • You can perform mass data processing. For example, you can automatically collect information from various sites, process it and save it in the required format. There is no need to manually switch between different tasks.
  • VMLogin can integrate with other programs and services. This expands your automation capabilities. For example, you can use the API to automatically upload data from CRM to the VMLogin browser to manage multiple accounts and profiles. VMLogin can be used in combination with other automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver or AutoIt to solve complex problems.
  • The ability to integrate with other software will make data collection easier. For example, you can set up scripts to collect information about competitors or analyze data about user behavior on websites. We are talking about integration with Selenium WebDriver scripts, Python with pandas and NumPy libraries.

The ability to automate tasks is what makes VMLogin stand out. It is really a browser that is designed to simplify the work of specialists. Exhaustive information about API automation can be found in this "Tutorial" section of the VMLogin.

Proxy servers for VMLogin

As we wrote above: multi-accounting requires proxies. Without them, multithreading is impossible. To be more precise, it will end in an inevitable ban. You should rent only private proxies. On the developer's site in the "Tutorial" section it is described in detail how to set up proxies in the browser. There is also a separate guide on how to set up proxies from Proxys.io. 

VMLogin is a powerful tool for convenient multi-accounting. With the addition of Russian language support it will become even more interesting for users from the Russian Federation.

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