Now we accept AliPay!


We want to share some great news — now you can top up your balance using AliPay. 

AliPay is not just a payment method, but a whole ecosystem that has been making the lives of millions of Chinese people easier for many years. With AliPay, you can pay for almost anything: from online purchases to utilities. And now, you can pay for the rental of our proxies too.

Advantages of using AliPay



For users accustomed to using AliPay daily, the ability to top up their balance through this service simplifies the payment process. There's no need to switch to other platforms or enter bank card details.


AliPay is known for its high level of data protection and transaction security. This is important for those who value the confidentiality and reliability of financial transactions.


Topping up your balance through AliPay happens instantly. This means you can start using our proxy servers without delays.

How to top up your balance via AliPay?

Topping up your balance via AliPay is extremely simple and intuitive:

  • Select the "Login" subsection from the main menu.


  • Log in to with your username and password. Also, enter the verification code.

alipay log in

  • Go to the "Buy" subsection. Next to "Balance," there is a "Top up" button. Click on it.

alipay instruction

  • You will be redirected to a page where various balance top-up options are offered. Choose AliPay and check the box indicating that you accept the terms of the user agreement.

alipay payment

  • Next, you will be prompted to go to a service where you can top up your Proxys account balance by transferring yuan via AliPay. Do this.

alipay pay

  • There, you need to enter your number, select the amount of yuan you want to top up your balance with, and click the "Confirm payment" button.

alipay proxys

  • After payment, you will receive a coupon code. You need to return to the payment page, paste it into the "Coupon activation form" field, and click the "Add funds to balance" button.

alipay method

Done. The money will immediately be credited to your account balance. Now you can pay for proxy rental.

We strive to improve the service for our customers and make the process of working with us as convenient and simple as possible. Integrating AliPay into the balance top-up system is just one step in this direction. We are confident that our Chinese customers will appreciate this new payment method and make using our services even more comfortable.