Arise - 10% discount on individual IPv6 proxies

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Choose individual IPv6* proxies from PROXYS.IO with a great 10% discount** using promo code Arise!

Why choose individual IPv6 proxies:

  • improved compatibility with IPv6 networks: web companies will enable IPv6 on their main sites (Google, Microsoft Bing, Yahoo). The specification of the LTE mobile network standard specifies mandatory IPv6 support;
  • IPsec support for traffic encryption: the ability to use IPsec to protect and encrypt IPv6 traffic provides an increased level of security when transmitting data across the network;
  • better privacy and security: IPv6 provides a higher level of encryption and security. Using IPv6 proxies can improve users' privacy and protect their data from unwanted monitoring or attacks. 



*Countries participating in the promotion: Russia, USA

**Discount does not apply to individual IPv4, mobile and shared proxies