Undetectable anti-detect browser review


Undetectable is an anti-detect browser that protects your online identity by modifying information about your computer, such as IP address, browser fingerprint, language, fonts, and other parameters.

By replacing your digital fingerprint, you can visit websites avoiding blocks and tracking. You can also create and manage browser profiles with unique settings and extensions. Websites see these profiles as real users, without any link between them. Fingerprints of real devices are used, covering all popular operating systems, including Android and iOS.

Anti-detect browsers offer a higher level of security and privacy compared to proxies or VPNs, which only change the IP address.



Strong points of Undetectable

What sets Undetectable apart? It’s simple! It's strong developers and seamless performance. And in more detail:

Fewer risks

You can store accounts locally on your device, in the cloud, or on your own server. You can eliminate  the risks associated with third-party storage, especially when it comes to accounts and crypto wallets.

Regular updates of the Chromium core

The Undetectable team updates the Chromium core to the latest versions regularly. Why is this important? Nowadays, you can update Chrome on millions of devices worldwide in just one click, using outdated browser cores makes you stand out among internet surfers. Moreover, it ensures compatibility with the latest web standards and new security features.

99.99% uptime during the year

For three years on the market, Undetectable developers have created an infrastructure that guarantees 99.99% uptime during the year (according to data for the year 2023).


Undetectable has a full set of popular features, as well as unique tools that will make your work easier.

Mass profile creation

In just a few clicks, create hundreds of unique profiles using configurations or lists of User-Agents, Cookies, or a universal format (Name, Cookies, Proxy-type, Proxy, User-Agents, Notes).

Undetectable profiles

Cookies bot and website generator

The Cookies bot automates cookies farming by mimicking natural user behavior on the internet. In Undetectable, it is integrated with the Popular Sites Generator, which creates a list of internet resources based on the selected geo.

Undetectable cookies-bot

Open cookies-bot, select the profiles, the country, and the number of sites that the bot will visit automatically.


This feature lets you manage multiple browser profiles simultaneously. By clicking the synchronizer button, actions in the main window will be mirrored in other windows, such as typing text, opening new tabs, etc.

Undetectable Synchronizer

Easy export and import: proxies, cookies, bookmarks

Undetectable supports session and proxy transfer in several popular formats, including JSON in the form of macros.

Undetectable transfer

There is a  manager for working with proxies.

Undetectable proxy

There is a function in the profile manager for importing bookmarks.

Undetectable profile manager

Mass extension installation

The browser extension manager allows you to add extensions to all profiles at once, remove, or deactivate them.

Undetectable extension installation

Paste like human

This feature mimics human behavior when pasting text, making it more natural. Simply copy the text, paste it into the field by selecting "Paste like a human." The anti-detect browser automatically adjusts speed and adds pauses, reducing the risk of automation detection.

Undetectable like a human

Automation and API

You can automate processes in the Chromium browser using the API through the Chrome DevTools Protocol.

Usability and amenities

This anti-detection browser is not only functional but also optimized for the comfortable work of large teams.

More than 33 permission settings for team collaboration

  • User role division
  • Profile grouping 
  • Cloud web panel


Undetectable is available for Windows 10/11, macOS on M1/M2, and Intel processors.

It is optimized for large-scale projects, capable of loading over 5000 profiles in a few seconds, supporting bulk operations with cloud and local profiles.

Small features

The real useful tools  in the world of anti-detection browsers: hotkeys, intuitive account import using Drag & Drop, notes, folders, tags for navigation, dark theme, auto-cleaning of unnecessary cache, etc.


Undetectable offers flexible subscription plans for both beginners and experienced professionals, starting at just $49.

Undetectable price

Broadly, the plans differ in the number of cloud profiles, some export features, and the number of users.


To register and download Undetectable from the official website. Use the free plan to try.

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