Visit websites through proxy servers

How to go to a website through a proxy server: detailed instructionsSometimes when using the Internet, we need to hide our IP address. Reasons for doing this can be very different, one of the most frequent occurs when we are banned on a particular website for some reason, or the website is simply blocked, but we really need to visit it. Indeed, the reasons are very different. But it is much more interesting to know how to do it. There are several options, one of them is to use a proxy server. Basically, in this article we’ll talk about how to go to a website through a proxy server.

What is a proxy server

Before you understand how to access a website through an anonymous proxy server, you should understand what a proxy server is and what it is for. In short, a proxy server is a kind of intermediary between the computer and the website to which you are accessing. But this is not some simple and meaningless intermediary. An important property of a proxy server is that when it is used, the IP address becomes anonymous, which is basically used when visiting a website in case of receiving a ban or any other IP restrictions.


Visiting a website through a proxy server

So, how to access the website you need via proxy server? In order to go through a proxy server, you first need to find a proxy server itself on the Internet. To find a free proxy server just enter “free proxies” in the search engine. There should be a fairly large number of results, so you need to open at least a few of them and look at what the address of one or another offered proxy looks like. The address of the proxy server should look like this, where all that xxx – is IP, and all that yyyy – is a port.

The next step is to check the selected proxy for performance; this is done either with the help of a special program, or with special services, which are plenty on the Internet. It is better to use online services for verification, since it is much easier, more convenient and faster. For example, you can use this resource:

If you are convinced that the proxy server you have chosen is completely functional, then you need to set up your own browser to work with it. Here, a lot depends on which browser you will use. In case, if you prefer Mozilla, then you should enter the address of the proxy server in the window that can be opened on this path “Tools — Settings — Advanced — Network — Configure — Proxy Server Manual Configuration”.

If you plan to use Opera, then you should set the proxy server settings on the path “Tools — Settings — Advanced — Network — Proxy Servers”. For Google Chrome, the path is as follows: “Parameters — Settings — Advanced — Network — Change Proxy Server Settings”.

What is the best proxy server to choose?

If you want to go to some website through a proxy server, you will have the problem of choosing a specific option. It should be noted that paid proxy servers are much more convenient than free ones, as they have a number of advantages:

  • It is possible to choose the server on the basis of the required characteristics (response speed, caching efficiency, etc.) and their values
  • Paid servers are in working condition all the time compared to free servers, which can stop working at any time

That is why it is much more reasonable to use paid proxy servers, since they are rather inexpensive and provide excellent service and their most convenient use.

That’s pretty much it, further you can safely open the browser and use it. We hope, now you know how to access a proxy server, and in which case you can always do it.