What are testnets, nodes and how to make money on them

Тестнеты и нодыCryptocurrencies have appeared recently, but during their operation they have gained unprecedented popularity and capitalization. This is due to the fact that crypto allows anonymous exchange of payment funds, as well as maintaining a high level of security. Over time, ways to make money from cryptocurrency began to appear. We will talk about two of them today: testnets and nodes are on the agenda.


Testnets are the user activity that new cryptoprojects attract. It is needed to test all the mechanisms of the project: from the security of funds storage to transactions. Cryptocurrency projects are sometimes willing to pay users to test their functionality.


The activity required is very simple: register, link a wallet, collect airdrop, make a couple of transactions. All actions will take place with test currency, which cannot be exchanged for anything on the real market. Cryptoprojects reward the most active testers very generously, sometimes the rewards reach thousands of dollars. However, it is important to understand that not every project is ready to pay users for testnet. In most cases, the reward is not even promised, so pay attention to popularity and previous events of the site you want to potentially earn money from.


Node is a server (computer) on which a special program is installed. The task here is the same as in testnet. Cryptocurrency projects in this way check how well the transactions work

Nodes are considered one of the most profitable ways to participate in a crypto project. However, a limited number of people are often allowed to participate in this stage. Nodes are almost always rewarded, and in considerable amounts. For example, if you are lucky enough to become a network validator, the income is measured in tens of thousands of dollars.

Testnet in which you can participate today - Aptos

Aptos is a new blockchain that was born this summer. The project is notable for its high technology and transaction speed. Users who managed to get on the testnet and install nodes earned over $2,000. As soon as the Aptos token started trading on the market, its value suddenly rose to thousands of dollars.


Testnet from Aptos is a great opportunity for newbies to try their hand at cryptocurrency, and earn their first money. To do this, just download Martian Aptos Wallet extension for Google chrome, then collect free tokens.

To increase the potential profit from cryptocurrency projects, users engage in multi-accounting - creating additional accounts. In the case of Aptos, this will help to collect more test tokens from the giveaway. If you were earning 30 tokens per minute with one account, then additional accounts will increase amount several times (users are buying Aptos Test Token for $1 for 1000 at the moment of writing this article).

Also you'll need proxies. Aptos does not give more than 100 tokens per IP. There are many ways to change your network address: use a VPN, give away mobile internet, or use a proxy. The last option is the most convenient because if you buy a mobile proxy you will have access to thousands of IPs which will be changed automatically or at your request. Mobile proxies are exactly the right way for farming Aptos tokens, be it one account or several. If you buy one package, you'll have no problem connecting all the accounts so they change IPs at the right time.

You can purchase mobile proxies on our website. You will get a package for a day, a week or a month, depending on your needs. If you have any difficulties with the purchase and configuration, write to the technical support chat. They will give you prompt advice and help you get started with the proxy.