Review of Lead Panda Media - an online media about affiliate marketing

leadpandaIt doesn’t matter whether you are taking your first steps in internet marketing or have already gained experience and want to go deeper into the details - Lead Panda Media will help you in both cases. In the article we will tell you what kind of service this is, we will analyze the functionality and advantages.

What is Lead Panda Media


Lead Panda Media is an online media about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing is the process where a business seeks the help of partners (affiliates) to sell its services or products in exchange for a fee.

The service’s creators’ eight-year experience in performance marketing allows them to filter content and release only verified information. The service offers materials for a detailed study of affiliate marketing that are suitable for people of any level of training. There is information for both beginners and existing professionals.

If you are new to the field and want to learn the basics, go to the “Beginners” section. It contains articles with the necessary information about Internet marketing, popular networks and affiliate programs. In addition, Lead Panda Media is working on developing an academy with full training in performance marketing. Experts share their experience and help students achieve success in affiliate marketing.

The site contains a treasure trove of information for beginners and pros:

  • Blog. Articles about traffic arbitrage, Internet marketing, ways to make money and other useful materials are posted here. You can find a topic of interest by clicking on a hashtag. There are more than 100 articles available to read. Administrators publish new material every day;
  • Affiliates. In this section you can see all affiliate programs. They are divided into categories: top, crypto, gambling and others;
  • Networks. Advertising networks are located here: push advertising networks, popunder and clickander, affiliate programs for site monetization;
  • Services. This section includes services that help with online marketing. The list includes: proxies, anti-detect browsers, applications, hosting, accounts and others;
  • Cases. This tab displays the results of your work in numbers. For example, how much you managed to earn with a specific product and with the help of a specific affiliate program;
  • Vacancies. In this section, administrators post vacancies. The list includes a targetologist, Team Lead, Media buyer and other specialties;
  • Conferences. Announcements of current conferences on the topic of Internet marketing are posted here. The date and link to the conference are provided;
  • Authors. The page contains information about the authors of articles on the site.

Social networks of the service

In addition to the Lead Panda Media website, the service publishes information on Telegram and Instagram.

Telegram posts lifehacks, applications for online marketing professionals, as well as news in the digital sphere. News and updates are discussed here. Experts and those who want to become experts come to the comments.

Training materials, cases and news are also posted on Instagram. In addition, Lead Panda Media is preparing cool integrations with services.

Lead Panda Media is a space for those who want to develop and learn new things in affiliate marketing.