Review of Adspect cloaking and traffic filtering service


The rules of large advertising networks, such as Google Ads, Yandex and others, hinder arbitrage traders. They prohibit placing affiliate links and reject offers, which significantly interferes with your work. Fortunately, there is a way that helps to bypass the prohibitions — cloaking. This is an affiliate link disguise. Its essence is that untargeted traffic, bots and moderators see a white page instead of an offer, and the target audience sees the offer page.

In this article we will talk about Adspect — a cloud cesspool with automatic white generation, a built-in tracker and a bot filter. Let's analyze the functionality, additional capabilities of the service and describe the advantages.

Adspect: what is it and how does it work


Adspect is a tool for cloaking and traffic filtering. Works with all mobile applications, advertising networks and popular platforms: Google Ads, Yandex, TikTok, Bing. The service blocks unwanted visitors in all types of traffic, allows you to forget about bans and flood traffic without loss.

How works:

  • Analyzes and classifies transitions to an affiliate offer or landing page. Only targeted traffic is allowed to the content, and dangerous traffic is filtered out.
  • To identify unwanted traffic, machine fingerprints are used - they collect detailed information about visitors, analyze facts and filter the data received.
  • Filtering is carried out using the VLA™ machine learning model, which is constantly being improved. opens up the opportunity to advertise any services and products in all advertising networks.

Adspect Features and Benefits

Adspect offers wide functionality and comfortable conditions for users:

  • Detection and blocking of unwanted visitors in traffic. To do this, 3 methods are used at once: blacklist, scanning digital fingerprints of devices, introducing machine learning;
  • Protection from website scans. Adspect blocks all existing types of site checks: BrandVerity, Google Safe Browsing, AdSecure, Kaspersky and others;
  • Protection against spyware services. Advertising campaigns are reliably protected from detection by spyware such as AdClarity, AdSpyder, AdPlexity and others;
  • Full reporting. Adspect provides detailed reports with information on traffic quality and breakdown of sales funnels. In addition, the service records individual clicks and tracks conversions;
  • Fraud detection. Adspect detects click fraud schemes, including high-tech click farms based on headless browsers such as Headless Chrome, Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium, PhantomJS, ZennoPoster and others;
  • Adspect has a built-in secure page generator from Comsign. It was designed to validate mask campaigns.

The service supports 3 types of integration:

  • direct PHP integration using a separate index.php file;
  • reverse PHP integration with the inclusion of the filter.php file;
  • JavaScript integration using HTML <script> tag and external ajax.php file.

How to set up Adspect

Setting up is simple and straightforward, does not take much time and does not require special skills. What you need to do to configure:

  • Select an advertising platform. Popular traffic sources are available to choose from: Yandex, VK, Google Ads and others.
  • After selecting a traffic source, the system will automatically determine the appropriate settings. Adequate settings are selected for all use scenarios.
  • You can use the built-in whitepaper generator and select keywords, topics, and languages.

The big advantage of using Adspect is that you don’t need to be an expert in the field; the system automatically selects the best settings.

Advantages of Adspect

Adspect is a convenient service that is chosen by hundreds of users for a number of advantages:

  • no restrictions in choosing a product for advertising;
  • built-in white generators;
  • advertising campaigns that last a long time and work continuously;
  • REST API for managing traffic flows;
  • automatic rotation of landing pages by timer;
  • reducing costs for sites that have low conversion;
  • support for CDN and Cloudflare in proxy mode.


Adspect provides 2 plans to choose from:

  • Antifraud. The tariff does not include cloaking. Designed for 20 threads. Statistics are stored for 3 months. Price—$300;
  • Cloaking. There are no transition or flow limits. Statistics are stored for 6 months. The plan includes HyperLogLog and REST API filters, as well as VLA machine learning.

You can pay for the tariff using cryptocurrency - it’s safe and confidential. And the promo code PROXYS gives a 15% discount on all tariffs!

With Adspect you can cloach moderators of leading advertising networks, effectively manage traffic flows and receive advanced statistics. The service is chosen for its many useful features, affordable prices and ease of use.