Overview of Adpos: a reliable payment management solution for advertising

adposGreetings to the readers of the Proxys.io blog! Today, we will tell you about the company Adpos and its service, which provides unlimited virtual cards for advertising payments on popular platforms such as Facebook, Google, and others. The overview includes key features and advantages, as well as a special promo code for new Proxys.io blog users.

Advantages of Adpos:

  • Efficient Bulk Card Management. The ability to mass-produce virtual cards for convenient campaign management.
  • Low Commissions. Low fees for card replenishment and issuance, with no monthly maintenance.
  • Reliable BIN Codes. Trusted BIN codes from Hong Kong and the USA are provided, considered among the most trusted in the world.
  • Quick Replenishment. The ability to quickly replenish your account via Wire, Crypto, and Capitalist.
  • Team Management. You can assign various roles and permissions to your colleagues and team members.
  • Detailed Real-time Statistics and Reports. Access to detailed statistics and transaction reports in real-time.

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Adpos Service Interface

The service interface is intuitive for beginners and is available in four languages – English, Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese. The menu includes the following sections:

  • Dashboard. The main section displays statistics and expense reports for the selected period.
  • Balance. Information about the balance on the internal wallet, expenses, and card limits.
  • My Cards. Viewing information about activated and inactive cards, as well as the ability to create new cards.
  • Team. Assignment of roles and permissions for team members.
  • Transactions. Detailed information about financial transactions.
  • Reports. Daily and monthly reports and graphs for each traffic source.
  • Account Settings. Security management, account settings, and notifications.
  • Partners. Information about Adpos partners, bonuses, and privileges.

Balance Replenishment

To replenish the Adpos balance, you can use a bank transfer, Capitalist, or USDT. The minimum amount for replenishment is 100 USDT.

Creating and Replenishing Cards

To create a virtual card, go to the "My Cards" section, choose the necessary limit, and activate the card. You can replenish the card through the "Activated Cards" section by selecting the corresponding option.

Adpos provides reliable solutions for advertising payments on popular platforms, ensuring convenient card management and detailed reports. The service stands out with low commissions and a user-friendly interface, making it an excellent choice for your advertising campaigns.

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Thank you for your attention, and may your advertising campaigns with Adpos be successful!