Setting up a proxy server in Windows 11

логотип windows 11You've probably already heard about such a thing as a proxy server and know why you need it: get access to Twitter and Facebook at work, hide your IP for tracking, get access to closed game servers. Or maybe you want to buy a Netflix subscription at the cheapest price? Great! Now it remains to configure the proxy on the PC.

Configuring a proxy server in Windows 11 via the standard "Settings"

In order to configure the proxy, you need to do the following:

  • Click on "Start" and select "Settings" in the menu that opens.

configuring the windows 11 proxy

  • Next, in the left menu, select "Network and Internet".

configuring the windows 11 proxy server

  • Then select "Proxy".

windows 11 proxy servers

  • Then click "Use a proxy server"

windows 11 proxy

  • Enter the IP and port from the proxy in the window that opens.

windows 11 proxy server

  • Ready. You have added proxy settings in Windows 11. You can check if they are correct by launching your browser and going to It will show the new IP if you have entered the correct values. If you are using a private proxy, the browser will require you to enter authentication data: login and password. You will find them in your personal account on the website of the proxy provider.

windows 11 proxy server

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