How to set up a proxy Telegram - step by step instructions

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Hi there. Today we will talk about how to configure a proxy server in Telegram. You should know that Telegram requires SOCKS5 proxies. HTTP and HTTPS ones are not accepted.

It is better to use IPv4 proxies because IPv6 servers don’t work well. Expected that IPv6 protocol would replace IPv4, but it never happened. Maybe it will be seen in the future.


Desktop Version

First, open Telegram and go to “Settings”. Then:

  • Choose the section “Advanced”.

How to set up a proxy Telegram

  • Click on “Default (TCP uced)”.

set up a proxy Telegram

  • Tick on “Use custom proxy”.

proxy Telegram

  • Write IP-address, port. If your proxy has the login and the pass, also write them.

Telegram proxy

  • To shut down a proxy, repeat steps 1-4 and click on “Use system proxy settings”.

Mobile version

  • Open Telegram and go to “Settings”

Telegram proxies

  • Choose a section “Data and Storage”.

step by step instructions how to set up a proxy Telegram

  • Scroll the page down and tap to “Proxy Settings”.

How to set up a proxy in Telegram

  • Tap to “Add Proxy”.


  • Write the IP-address, the port of a proxy. If you have authentication by the login and the pass, write them.

telegram proxy

It is very easy to set up a proxy in Telegram. Use only IPv4 protocol because IPv6 doesn't work well so far. Choose SOCKS5 proxies for popular messenger.

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