SMSBOWER - service of virtual numbers for registration

bowerSMSBOWER provides a specialized service catering to the need for temporary phone numbers, primarily used for SMS verification on various online platforms. SMSBOWER addresses privacy issues by offering an effective means to manage SMS activations. This service is particularly beneficial for those who wish to keep their personal phone numbers private while engaging in activities that require SMS or OTP verifications. By using SMSBOWER, users can easily acquire temporary numbers that are fully capable of receiving SMS verification codes, thus avoiding the need to disclose their real contact details.


Secure SMS Receiving Services

SMSBOWER offers the capability to rent virtual SMS numbers. These numbers function similarly to standard phone numbers but are designed primarily for online use to receive text messages. This service ensures that a user’s actual phone number remains undisclosed and shielded from potential misuse or privacy breaches. Virtual numbers provided by SMSBOWER can be used on a wide range of platforms, enhancing security for users who need to verify their identities online without exposing their real numbers.


Management of Multiple Accounts

SMSBOWER is particularly useful for individuals and professionals such as social media managers, digital marketers, or anyone needing to operate multiple online profiles simultaneously. By offering temporary phone numbers, SMSBOWER enables the creation and management of several accounts without linking them back to the user's personal phone number. This service helps avoid the risks associated with account linkages, such as data breaches or targeted attacks, making it a valuable tool for managing professional and personal online presences separately.

Receive SMS Online and Create Fake Account

For users interested in creating fake or test accounts for various purposes—such as testing websites, software, or maintaining anonymity— SMSBOWER simplifies the process. By providing temporary phone numbers, they enable users to bypass phone verification steps quickly and efficiently. This feature supports anonymity and privacy, particularly useful in scenarios where disclosing one's identity could pose risks or where neutrality in testing needs to be maintained.

Partner Program and Earning Opportunities

Beyond just providing SMS verification and activation services, SMSBOWER extends an invitation to join their partner program, presenting a lucrative opportunity for individuals and businesses to earn money.

At SMSBOWER, developers who create software tailored for managing SMS activations can also benefit financially. By integrating a specific parameter into the API request for retrieving numbers, developers can earn a commission. Specifically, developers will receive a 5% commission from each successful client activation that occurs via their software. To get started, developers need to activate their developer account by contacting our support team.

For Partners and Agents

Existing partners who are enthusiastic about SMSBOWER's services have a fantastic opportunity to earn additional income by referring new partners. If you recommend our service to a friend and they register and become active on SMSBOWER, you will be rewarded. Specifically, for every friend who registers and starts actively working as a SMSBOWER partner, you will receive an award. You can find your personal referral link in your account dashboard. Share this link, and once your friend registers through it, you'll receive your bonus.

For Webmasters

Our referral program is specially designed for CPA networks, affiliates, and webmasters. By using your unique referral link to register new users, you can earn a 5% commission on all successful activations by these users. To participate, simply register an account on SMSBOWER, navigate to the Referral Program page, and use your referral link for directing traffic. This is an excellent way for webmasters and digital marketers to leverage their online presence for additional revenue.

How to Safely Purchase and Use Virtual Numbers with SMSBOWER

Step 1: Register and Top-Up Your Balance

Visit SMSBOWER and create an account to start. You’ll need to add funds to your balance, which can be done through various secure payment methods (from Stripe to crypto) available on the site.

Step 2: Choose the Service

Once your account is set up and funded, select the service from the list of available and provided by SMSBOWER. Platform is specifically designed to help you safely purchase and receive OTP codes without using your personal phone number.

Step 3: Buy the Number and Register

After selecting the service, you can purchase a temporary number from SMSBOWER. Use this number to register a new test or fake account. This keeps your personal number private and reduces the risk of it being used in scams. Please note that you can use promocode «Proxysio» and get 100 rubles as a bonus!

To sum up

SMSBOWER is dedicated to delivering a high-quality, secure, and user-friendly SMS verification service. Their offerings are essential for anyone looking to protect their privacy online, manage multiple accounts efficiently, or establish fake profiles for testing or anonymity purposes.