Overview of the ORION Partners international partner network

orion partners

Affiliate marketing is a way to make money and promote your business. It works like this: the seller offers a product for advertising, and partners post the offer on the resource. As a result, everyone benefits: the partner receives a reward for advertising, and the seller receives new clients.

There is an intermediate link in this chain — the affiliate network. She acts as an intermediary between the seller and the partner. The affiliate network provides ready-made offers for advertisers and webmasters, and also serves as a guarantor of relationships. In this article we will analyze one of these networks — ORION Partners. Let's consider why it is worth working with it and what advantages it has.

What is ORION Partners


ORION Partners is an international partner network. Specializes in gambling, betting and fintech. ORION Partners has been operating since February 2023. It was founded by affiliate marketing professionals with more than 10 years of experience. The affiliate network was launched in February 2024 and since then the number of affiliates has been growing.

ORION Partners works with all popular traffic sources: TikTok, Facebook, Google and others, and also works with more than 70 countries and 400 brands. Provides 500 offers and 200 private offers. The big advantage is that the offers do not have intermediaries — they are direct and guarantee high rates.


Advantages of ORION Partners

The basic principles of ORION Partners are honesty, reliability and focus on increasing the earnings of partners. One of the advantages of the service is a large selection of offers and geolocations. Traffic can be sent to more than 70 countries. The USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Africa, CIS countries, Asia, Middle East are available to choose from.

The ORION Partners immediately pays the money, takes over the holdings, and also makes payments upon the request of the affiliates. Due to the fact that the affiliate network works with direct advertisers, they offer high rates.

During closures, ORION Partners provides complete information on the quality of traffic and makes recommendations for further work. When making cuts, it provides a detailed report, which includes a list of user IDs that did not pass the advertiser’s KPIs.

Technical support

If you have any questions, you can write to the chat and get advice. A manager and a technical specialist work with affiliates. The affiliate manager is responsible for optimization, changing rates, reconciliation and launch approval. The technical specialist's area of responsibility is integration and testing. However, you can get an answer even with questions that are not included in any of the listed areas. For example, requests to figure out how to set up Keitaro or a cloaca. Operators respond within 10 minutes. Support is available every day from morning until late evening.

Renting agent accounts

ORION Partners rents out accounts of social networks Google, Facebook, TikTok, as well as premium in-App networks: Unity, Moloco, IronSource, Liftoff. In addition, promotional materials are available upon request for specific offers. PP conducts training on premium in-App: helps with setup, does campaign analytics for better optimization, moderates the advertising campaign.

ORION Partners is a useful tool for advertisers and arbitrageurs. The affiliate network works only with direct advertisers, ensures reliability, security and provides verified partners.

Payment models

There are 3 payment models available to choose from:

  • CPL;
  • CPA;
  • RevShare.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $100. You can receive money after confirming the received traffic. Payments are made using the following details:

  • bank cards;
  • USDT;
  • PayPal;
  • Capitalist;
  • Payoneer.

Payments can be received up to twice a month in a convenient way.

How to get started with ORION Partners

First you need to register on the platform. To do this, you need to enter your first name, last name, email, password, company and Telegram nickname. Then you need to confirm your email, an activation letter will be sent to your address.

orionpartners registration

After confirming your email, the authorization page will open. After entering your login and password, the system will redirect to the main page of the partner account. The office contains offers, statistics on leads and conversions. All offers, except private ones, are available immediately after registration.

Personal Area

The ORION Partners website interface is designed so that every user can easily figure out how to find the desired section. You can find any offer through a convenient offerwall and design a dashboard on the main page at your discretion. The platform is designed for a multilingual audience and is available in Russian, English and Ukrainian. There are several sub-sections in your personal account. Let's describe them.

orionpartners personal area


This tab contains available offers from which you can select the appropriate offer by GEO, category and other parameters.

orionpartners offers


Here you can generate any report by selecting a specific offer, GEO, launch dates, as well as the earnings per click indicator — the ERC metric.

orionpartners reports


This section displays the history of incoming transactions for conversions, as well as raw traffic data, the ID of each referred lead and postback parameters for verification.

orionpartners transactions


The balance is displayed here. In the same section you can change your payment details.

orionpartners billing


The tab is designed for working with APIs, adding postback, and mobile applications.

orionpartners tools


This tab contains bonuses and promotional codes for using the services ASOMobile, AnyBill, Dolphin, Proxyma.io and others.

orionpartners bonuses

Agency Accounts

In this section, affiliates order agent accounts through a special form.

orionpartners agency accounts


Here is a referral link where you can invite other users and receive 5% of all their monthly payments.

orionpartners referrals

ORION Partners offers a wide range of offers in gambling, fintech and betting. The affiliate network is chosen for its variety of GEOs, professional and responsive technical support, and speed of payments. This is an indispensable tool for advertisers and arbitrators who want to make money.