Review of Receive-SMS - service with phone numbers for verification


You're probably familiar with the headaches of online verification. Some websites just won't let you in based on where you are.

Even if proxies hide your location, some sites still demand a phone number from specific countries. That's where steps in. They've been trusted for 12+ years to help users bypass those annoying verifications.

Here are the 2 types of phone numbers you can get on

  • Free Temporary Numbers: Don't waste money on temporary numbers elsewhere. gives them to you for free. And they're updated every day, so you always have fresh ones.

receive sms

  • Affordable Dedicated Numbers: You can use your dedicated numbers for as many verifications as you need with no extra cost. No need to worry about losing access to your online services. Whether it's for OTP or future phone verifications, your accounts stay secure. Checkout the pricing here

verification is easy to use and has some great features like forwarding SMS to email or callback URLs. Plus, you can earn credits just by sharing.

Head over to the homepage for instant access to free temporary numbers or click "Order a Number" to create an account and unlock dedicated numbers.

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