Hidemyacc - antidetect browser for solving various tasks

hidemyacc logoAvoid account ban, protect yourself from hackers and intruders, prevent identity theft, create dozens of accounts without the risk of blocking - Hidemyacc is capable of this. In the article we will tell you what it is, in what cases it will be needed and how the use of a proxy will help improve the performance of your work.

What is Hidemyacc

Hidemyacc is an anti-detect browser that hides the user's online identity and provides complete anonymity and security by masking the browser's digital fingerprint. In May, an update to version 3.0 was released. The updated version introduced a new interface, expanded functionality and used the new Marco browser source code. It is possible to use version 3.0 simultaneously with Hidemyacc 2.0.


The platform allows you to use multiple accounts without the risk of blocking, as well as bypass online tracking, monitoring and blacklisting. Hidemyacc 3.0 has 2 browser sources: Marco and Ghosty, both of which are built on Chromium. The Foxy browser source will be updated soon. Marco's new browser source bypasses browser fingerprint checking websites like Iphey and Creepjs. Enhanced security is provided by two-factor authentication (2FA) and login management.

What features does Hidemyacc offer:

  • Provides protection against browser fingerprint identification by replacing original fingerprints with new and unique fingerprints for each profile. This allows users to be invisible and undetected.
  • Hidemyacc provides an increased level of security. Platform algorithms are constantly updated to create the most secure environment for users on platforms with high security standards.
  • Hidemyacc makes it easy to share profiles and folders between members, and groups multi-accounts for efficient management.
  • Hidemyacc automation can help you create scripts to warm up accounts, browse websites, search keywords, and order products on Shopee, etc. Hidemyacc has 2 pricing plans: monthly and yearly. Each plan contains multiple subscriptions to choose from.
  • Hidemyacc has a coin system that automatically renews packages and other services on Hidemyacc.
  • The Team feature allows users to add sub-accounts by making a one-time payment for the main account and additional ones.
  • Servers automatically create backups every 24 hours. It helps users to recover deleted profiles.
  • You can add proxies for each profile to change their IP addresses and run these accounts simultaneously without being detected. 

The platform also has technical support, which immediately answers users' questions and helps to understand the current situations.

What is Hidemyacc used for?

  • The platform helps in online earnings and online activities. It is used for various purposes, for example:
  • Hidemyacc is a powerful web scraping or self-testing tool for developers. Its use will protect the account from being blacklisted.
  • Hidemyacc assists in online gambling and betting by hiding the user's identity from bookmakers.
  • To maximize income in the cryptocurrency world, you need multiple Airdrop or Whitelist accounts. Hidemyacc hides accounts and guarantees complete anonymity.
  • The browser is suitable for marketers to create multiple social media accounts. Hidemyacc will help you create dozens of social media profiles without the risk of blocking.

Why you need proxies to work with Hidemyacc

A proxy server is a tool that hides the user's real IP address and helps to bypass restrictions from web resources. The anti-detect browser replaces the digital fingerprint, and the proxy hides the user's IP address. These tools complement each other, and if they are used in conjunction, the efficiency of work, confidentiality and security are greatly increased. Proxy servers also increase connection speed and bypass geo-restrictions imposed on certain websites or services. This option will be needed when there is a need to access content that is restricted in a particular region. But to achieve the desired result and improve the work of Hidemyacc, you need only high-quality, reliable and fast proxies. A large selection of proven high-speed proxies is presented on our website from 199 rubles. for the address. Our round-the-clock support will help you choose a proxy and answer all your questions.