Overview of AdsCard - virtual card service

adscardArbitrageurs need virtual cards with foreign currency accounts to pay for advertising sources and advertising consumables. The AdsCard service issues virtual cards adapted to the needs of arbitrage traders. To receive it, you do not need to undergo verification or enter into an agreement. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what AdsCard is and what benefits it provides to partners.

What is AdsCard

In 2020, AdsCard created a service for issuing virtual cards without verification or agreement. To issue, it is enough to go through the standard registration procedure. The service has one task - to give affiliates account without difficult procedure of registration, so that it is easy to replenish it, pay for advertising and consumables. At that time it was the first such service.



Replenishing your balance without commissions and the ability to withdraw funds are the main features of the AdsCard virtual card

AdsCard features

The main features of the virtual card are instant receipt in any currency and the ability to pay for advertising without verification and KYC. This is the basis of AdsCard, and besides it, there are other opportunities in store for arbitrators:

  • No comission for replenishment.
  • You can top up your card via SEPA, Wire, ACH, Swift. These card reload options cover almost all major payment methods available in the world.
  • Do mass delivery via registries or APIs without restrictions.

The following feature make AdsCard truly a card for arbitrage traders: you can rent agent accounts. This allows you to work on Google, Facebook, TikTok platforms without linking bank cards.

AdsCard is an indispensable assistant for webmasters and affiliate marketers. It was created by affiliates for affiliates, solves their problems and provides advantages.

Advantages of AdsCard

Replenishment without commission, instant receipt of a card, support for advertising campaigns from any geolocation are just some of the advantages of the service. AdsCard is chosen by hundreds of users due to the amount of benefits. Let's consider each point separately:

  • Multi-currency bins. There are 3 currencies available: pound, dollar and euro. This makes conversion easier and there is no need to open separate accounts or cards for each currency;
  • Safety. The service has two-factor authentication (2FA) and setting a password for withdrawing funds;
  • Ability to distribute cards into separate groups. They can be organized by different projects, trading strategies, budgets or affiliate programs;
  • Overall balance. All user funds are stored on one balance. No need to top up cards, monitor limits and balances;
  • Payment for the service is written off in real time. AdsCard statistics instantly displays information about completed transactions - the data in your personal account is reliable and up-to-date;
  • It is possible to connect the service via API. This allows arbitrage traders to integrate virtual cards into the internal traffic accounting system so that all charges are collected in one place. All financial transactions can be carried out from your favorite programs without the need to switch;
  • You can export card statements in CSV and XLS formats. These files can be easily imported into expense accounting programs or tools for detailed analysis and tracking of financial transactions;
  • Fast and professional technical support. Users can get help at any day of the week, ask a question and get an answer. In addition, you can give feedback on the operation of the platform and convey suggestions on how to improve the service to meet the needs of the teams. You can contact technical support by filling out the form on the website or writing in Telegram.

ads card


AdsCard provides comfortable conditions for team work. You can add any number of members to your team and manage expenses together. All data on collaboration is displayed in the “Team” section, namely:

  • Latest transactions;
  • List of active cards;
  • The number of team members and the status of each;
  • Detailed statistics for the last month in the form of graphs;
  • Overall balance;
  • Payment requests and withdrawals.

If necessary, you can download a detailed report for each section.

Renting agent accounts

AdsCard offers an alternative to farmed accounts to which you need to link a card - you can rent agent accounts from Google, Meta, TikTok. Renting agent accounts provides many advantages:

  • simple replenishment without linking bank cards;
  • high daily limits;
  • common budgets are assumed for all accounts with the same traffic source.

If the account is banned, AdsCard will change it to a new one and transfer the user’s money to it.

Finance and tariffs

A distinctive feature of AdsCard is the absence of a commission for replenishment. There are no such options in similar services. AdsCard charges a fee for debiting at the time the advertisement is displayed. The interest rate is calculated from the amount withdrawn.

To withdraw money from the platform, you need to write a request to technical support, indicate the reason for the withdrawal and prove your reliability by passing a special check. Withdrawal of funds is possible in two ways:

  • To a cryptocurrency wallet. There is no commission charged with this method. To implement it, you must indicate the reason for the withdrawal.
  • Through mass payment. You will need to provide your phone number or card. A 3% commission is charged.

The final figures are as follows:

  • Card servicing and balance replenishment are carried out without commission;
  • they charge 4% for transactions;
  • issuing a card for expenses over $500 per month - $1;
  • for mass payment around the world they will deduct 3%.

Getting started with AdsCard

First you need to register. To do this, go to the website adscard.net, click “Create an account” and enter: name, e-mail, password, Telegram nickname, phone number.

adscard registration

After filling out the fields, you need to go through two-factor authentication. To do this, download the Google Authenticator app.


After confirmation via QR, you will need to accept the terms of use.

terms of use

At this point, registration is completed and your account has been created. You can work with your personal account.

Personal Area

Your personal account consists of several sections:

  • Home. This displays your balance, declined transactions, active cards, and payments for today. On the same page there are graphs with expenses, cancellations, returns and transactions in processing;

adscard home

  • Refill. In this tab you can select the replenishment method, as well as view the history of account replenishments;

adscard refill

  • Withdrawal of funds. Requests to withdraw money from the account are displayed here;
  • Cards for advertising. In this section you can view a list of cards, statements and statistics by date;
  • Team. Information about team members and their work, if any, is displayed here.
  • Agency advertising accounts. Here you can find information about renting agency accounts;
  • Trading platform. This tab displays your purchase history and account catalog.

AdsCard issues cards adapted for the work of arbitrage traders. You can launch, make payments all over the world for free, and even withdraw money with a minimum commission. If you are involved in arbitrage, then you should pay attention to AdsCard. This is not just a virtual card, but a set of tools for comfortable work. It is unlikely that you will find a virtual card with a better set of options than AdsCard.