Software for working with Russian social networks

Software for VKToday, social networks are one of the most popular sources for receiving and distributing information. Currently, it has become popular to engage in advertising, sales, PR in the network. Those who are engaged in this type of activity need specialized software that will create the necessary conditions and simplify work with social networks as much as possible.

Such software is available on

The creator of this resource is engaged in the development and distribution of software for working with social networks. The website has a large selection of free and paid programs for various purposes: mailing, bulk likes, automatic account filling, cheating likes, parsing, etc. Most software is designed for Vkontakte, but there are several programs for Odnoklassniki and Instagram.


The software interface is quite simple, so it will be approachable for any user, and you will not have to study programs for a long time before working with it. The software is purchased once, and you can receive further updates for free. The programs on the website are regularly updated. And all this at an affordable price.

Now let’s consider the software presented on the website. The first will be VkMultiSender and OkMultiSender.

This is excellent software for sending VK and Odnoklassniki messages. It is perfect for promotional purposes. It has many features: comments can be sent to groups, communities, user walls, photos, videos. It is possible to send comments on the timer, set limits for messages and captchas on the account. In addition, the program can recognize captcha through Antigate, RuCaptcha and RipCaptcha and bypass the security check.


If you want to have a lot of likes on your page, please your friends and loved ones with them, or just to cheat likes – you can use programs called VkMultiActive and InstaActive for Vk and Instagram. As you have already understood, they are intended for bulk liking and reposting. The programs support multithreading and proxies.

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There is a possibility of liking and reposting images, wall posts, comments; and reposts can be made both on the account wall and on the community wall. At any time, you can set a limit for likes on your account, pause the programs and get detailed statistics on the operation of each account.


VkSolve is perfect for those who need to fill out a large number of accounts fast. It can pre-clean the account, subscribe to random public pages, change privacy settings and password.


VkMotion is an excellent simple and reliable tool to cheat likes on your accounts. It allows you to like the first hundred posts, add friends, repost and comment, send complaints, add users to the black list and so on.


To add friends, you can use VkJoin.

The program has a random delay function between adding friends and User Agent randomizing function. It is fully multithreaded, supports work with proxies, can recognize captcha, bypass the security check and maintain detailed statistics of accounts.


The following program will allow you to constantly be the first in the comments. It is called FirstCommentVk. The program solves captcha in advance and checks the community for new posts; and when they appear, it instantly sends a comment. The program’s functions include: authorization by login and password, support of various attachments, minimizing to tray, and also the ability to leave random comments.


Further, free software will be presented, it can be downloaded directly from the developer’s website.

The first will be a set of four programs for parsing: VkSearch, VkCommunityParser, VkThreadParser, and VkVideoParser.

VkCleanAkk is a program that will allow you to delete friends by special criteria, for example: closed messages, deleted pages, those who wasn’t online for a long time, or simply clear the friends list completely.


VkGroupFilter is a program to search for groups with open comments. It’s very easy to use, because it doesn’t have lots of functions. You only need to log in, download the list of groups and specify the number of threads. Next, the program displays the finished result.


The last will be VkUserAgent, which is necessary for testing User Agent for operability, since there are many outdated User Agents on the Internet, some suitable only for mobile devices.


The article does not list all the functions; they may change with software updates. You can get more detailed and current information on the developer’s website

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