Traffic Arbitrage: What to Start With in 2022

арбитраж трафика с чего начатьSo, you know what traffic arbitrage is and what people do in it. You know that it isn’t a scam. And you decide to try it. This article will be your step-by-step guide. Use it as a manual: to do such things, to consider these ones, etc.

We can talk about arbitrage for so long, but you should keep in mind that no article will become a full guide for you. You need to constantly find new information, analyze it and compare, especially when reading cases: if they were published two-three years ago or even a year ago, they aren’t actual.

So let’s explore what you need to do to become an arbitrageur. Let’s dive in!


Save Budget

Your budget is the first thing that you should think about because you can’t do anything without money in arbitrage.

The recommended amount of money is $1000. If you have more, it’s better because a thousand dollars isn’t the guarantee that you’ll make a profit. There were cases when webmasters had much more dollars and failed. And vice versa: people with a small budget made a profit.

So it's roulette. No sum can guarantee you the results.

You should have a ‘land’ where you can be if you fail. Our life is full of emergencies; so you should have money to live. Some people recommend to:

  • find an investor;
  • become an investor;
  • borrow money from buddies.

It’s interesting how to invest if you have no money or to find a friend who can give you the sum ‘for living’ that is large… So don’t quit your offline work while you won’t make money on arbitrage constantly.

Decide What Vertical You’ll Choose

Arbitrage has many nuances that you should learn before working. You can’t succeed if you launch your ad campaign and try to understand all things as you go along. By doing so, you lose your budget.

There are many verticals in arbitrage. Let’s see the most popular of them in the year 2021:

  • gambling;
  • product vertical;
  • crypto;
  • financial vertical.

According to that, the competition in these verticals is high. When it comes to gambling, this one is very expensive. In arbitrage chats, webmasters say that the minimum sum is $10 000 to ‘understand something.

And there are less popular verticals:

  • dating;
  • sweepstakes.

The competition in these ones isn’t so high.

Ways to Extract Traffic

The next step is to pick out the way of extracting traffic. There are two options you can choose from:

  • Shareware traffic – for example, your own channels on Telegram or other platforms.
  • Advertising buying – it’s a classical work with CPA networks.

But don’t forget that shareware traffic is a way that helps you understand what is what in arbitrage; by extracting such traffic, you can decide whether arbitrage is worth it or not. And if you realize that yes, you should switch to advertising buying.

Choose a CPA Network

Offers in arbitrage are an offering of the advertiser: a product, service, signing up on the website, subscription for VIP-version of something, and the list goes on. You can find offers in CPA networks.

There are tons of such networks, so you should choose the one that appeals to you most. To choose the right one, you should consider:

  • review on the Internet and arbitrage chats;
  • working conditions;
  • the minimum payout amount.

So check the offer and GEO in such CPA networks.

As a rule, arbitrageurs test several networks to understand which is better for them.

Pick Out an Offer

The next task is to choose an offer. What is the best? Webmasters decide it on their own. It all depends on your preferences. For example, somebody likes diet-oriented products, someone – Nutra offers. As an option, you can ask managers of networks what offer is hot in the current month, and they’ll answer you.

But be careful: there are particular offers, narrowly focused, if you want. And only a few arbitrageurs consider them. For example, VPN services won’t make a profit if you try to promote them; such an offer converts only in certain cases. For instance, India has prohibited TikTok, but users want to use it. And it's time to think about VPNs.

Choose GEO

There is the same situation as with verticals: there are more and less competitive GEO. For example, the USA, Brazil, India are the most competitive GEOs that almost all webmasters consider. And there is Nigeria that nobody thinks about.

Decide on the Source of Traffic

A traffic source determines the tools that you’ll work with. The most popular but the most hang-the-expense one is Facebook. If you want to arbitrage on it, you should immediately buy all the tools:

  • antidetect browser;
  • accounts;
  • proxies, and many other things.

The fact is that Facebook bans profiles immediately – so you should register too many ones. So, for this case, there is an antidetect Dolphin that is created specifically for arbitrageurs.

Learn the Basic Terminology and GEO particularities

Arbitrage has many nuances that you should learn before working. You can’t succeed if you launch your ad campaign and try to understand all things as you go along. By doing so, you lose your budget.

For instance, you should understand what payout model is better for you: CPA or Revshare? Maybe CPC or CPM? What soft to use to make creos and unify them? Or another example: you decide to target GEO Indonesia and its inhabitants. To do it successfully, you should know about their mentality.

Final Thoughts

So you know, what to start with in traffic arbitrage in 2021. But don’t forget that if you can’t cope with something and have questions, ask webmasters for assistance in an arbitrage chat that CPA and ads networks always have. Read cases but check them for urgency. And the main thing we have to say: don’t spray on different verticals and offers – choose the one you like most and improve yourself in it.