What is the difference between VPN and proxy?

What is the difference between VPN and proxyUsing VPN services and proxy servers has become commonplace among modern users. With their help, people retain anonymity when visiting websites and using programs, work with multi-accounts, and also bypass regional restrictions on access to the websites. This is due to the substitution of IP addresses and network information about users that occur when connecting to a proxy or VPN. Users are constantly faced with the question: “What is the difference between proxy and VPN?” Although their purpose is similar, the principle of work is different.

VPN connection features

VPN is a virtual private network running over your Internet connection or other network. When using VPN, you connect to the network, and it provides an encrypted direct connection to the server you need.


Therefore, no one, even the provider will not receive information about the websites you have visited, and it will also be impossible to identify you by IP address and location, since you will use the IP address of VPN.

However, when connecting to VPN, all users use a single IP address. For this reason, it is easy to establish that you are using VPN connection, making it suitable for Internet surfing and anonymity, but useless for working with multi-accounts and some programs, since all accounts running from one VPN will be detected and blocked.

As a rule, connection to VPN is carried out with the help of browser extensions or individual applications, which simplifies the connection and allows you to quickly change the country through which you want to access the websites.

The downside is that a high-quality VPN service costs money, moreover, it is much more expensive than a proxy server. Also, the use of VPN in a browser creates a heavy load on your Internet, slowing down the connection speed, and, accordingly, the speed of loading pages. Besides, work of VPN on a PC cannot be called stable, because when you use it regularly there are failures and problems, which force you to regularly restart the program, browser or extension.

VPN connection features

Proxy connection features

Proxy is an additional server that serves as an intermediary between your device and the website server to which you connect. Unlike VPN, you don’t connect to the network, but pass your Internet connection through a proxy server. In this case, the IP address and location are replaced by proxy server data. But, unlike VPN, the user uses an individual IP address of a proxy, and not an IP address of the whole network. Therefore, proxies are used both to protect anonymity and bypass website blocking, and to work with multi-accounts and programs, since each proxy has its own individual IP, which will protect your accounts from the ban.

Proxies don’t require the use of specialized software and applications, since the connection through a proxy is provided for in the OS, program or browser. The access requires only the proxy IP address, port, and login/password if authentication is used. Also, the degree of proxy anonymity depends on the type of your connection to the proxy. It may be not anonymous, anonymous, or even encrypted if the relevant protocol is used.

In addition, connecting through a proxy is faster and more stable than connecting via VPN, since proxies are intended for individual use. Proxies are cheaper than VPN, and when purchasing it is possible to choose the required type of connection to adjust a proxy to the individual needs of each user.

Compared to VPN, proxies also have disadvantages. For example, the connection speed depends on the remoteness of a proxy server, so it is important to choose the right proxy geolocation. Setting up a proxy is a little more difficult; besides you won’t be able to change the country that quickly as with VPN, since it will require the purchase of another proxy server.

VPN or proxy?

Thus, VPN is a connection through a virtual network, and a proxy is a connection through a third-party server. This is the main difference between VPN and proxy. Although they are designed for similar purposes, proxies solve more problems, they are cheaper, work faster and more stable. Therefore, we recommend you to use proxy servers, although the final decision is still yours.

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