How the demand for earnings on the Internet is growing from 2021 to 2022

На чем зарабатывать в 2022 годуMaking money on the Internet is the dream of almost every user. Who doesn't want to sit at the computer instead of driving in stuffy transportation every morning. In this article, we will examine how the demand for earning money on the Internet has changed over the past two years, and which areas in this business are the most popular and promising.

Top 3 most popular searches

Mining has become the most popular way to make money on the Internet. Statistics show that every month users make about 1 million requests in this category. This is not surprising, because cryptocurrency has gained enormous popularity in recent years. Since the beginning of 2021, there have been sharp ups and downs in popularity for the request "Mining". But despite this, this earnings consistently remains in demand.


The next most popular query was "Programmer" or "Developer. When the pandemic started, Internet professions became especially popular. That is why this query steadily amounts to at least 500 thousand user queries every month. Since the beginning of 2021 the popularity of the direction has increased by about 30%, breaking the bar of 700 thousand queries per month.

The third place is deservedly taken by the request "Betting on sports". Many people believe that this is one of the easiest ways to earn without much effort. In May 2021 a record of 2 million queries was set. Today, the demand for betting has fallen, and is only 330 thousand queries.

How the demand for making money on the Internet is growing
How the demand for making money on the Internet is growing

How the demand for making money on the Internet has changed

The most significant event that influenced the surge in Internet earnings was the pandemic, which began well before 21. For this reason, there was no long-term growth in popularity in 2021, even for certain categories

At the beginning of 2022, there was a sharp increase in almost all of the queries studied. People showed a sharp interest in all types of Internet earnings. Activity continued to grow until March 2022, after which there was a sharp drop in popularity. This was probably due to the general unrest caused by political events. March itself was the peak in popularity for only two categories: traffic arbitrage and bonuseshunting.

How the demand for making money on the Internet is growing
How the demand for making money on the Internet is growing

Promising ways to make money on the Internet

It is worth understanding that any earnings on the Internet requires the user to make certain investments: both temporary and material. It will be difficult to choose such an income, which is universal and will suit absolutely everyone. Therefore we will simply consider a few categories, which in our opinion can "Shoot" in 2023.

Bonus Hunting. One of the few areas, which steadily gained popularity in spite of all the events. Despite the small number of requests (about 3 thousand per month), bonushunting is slowly gaining momentum. This way of earning will be relevant as long as there are bookmakers' offices.

Forks. Another direction related to bookmaker's offices. Over the last year there has been a 50% increase in the number of requests, which also indicates an increased interest in this way of earning.


A large number of monthly queries does not mean that a certain type of earnings is guaranteed to bring the user income. The popularity of the queries only means how often they are mentioned in society. We recommend to pay attention to such types of earnings on the Internet as "Forks" and "Bonus Hunting". These ways are not very popular, but in the long term can bring good profits.