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прокси ea.comA proxy acts as an intermediary between a web source and a personal computer by substituting a real IP to mask users. The usefulness of proxies is clear as they help you to get access to banned websites and hide your real data.

Why Do You Need Proxies

Sometimes, fans of video games face problems that can’t be solved on their own as there is an issue of using local filters that developers use and banning regional servers in countries. It lead to the range of limits:

  • foreign servers are unavailable;
  • the law speed on remote servers prevent you from relishing the game;
  • some games aren’t available for purchase in your country.

But the good news is that it is easy to avoid limits by redirecting traffic through foreign proxies.

Why Proxies Are Used in Computer Games

The usage of remote proxy servers has a wide range of unobvious advantages. By utilizing an IP address you can:

  • decrease the ping o data during the game process;
  • avoid blocking by IP address;
  • play on servers that are unavailable in your country or blocked by your provider;
  • buy the game that is unavailable to sale in your country;
  • use bots to boost your character and avoid restrictions.

By using a proxy, you can avoid both GEO bans and bans in your school or university.

Moreover, if you pick the right proxy server, you’ll decrease the ping in the game three times. This effect is noticed when connecting with high ping 150-200 Mb/s. In such a case, it can go to a normal indicator and enable you to enjoy the game.

How to Pick Proxy Server for Video Games

To pick the right proxy, you need to learn the type of Internet protocol that game servers work with.

Free IPs can help you to solve problems related to blocking, but they're slow and unreliable as many gamers use them due to their accessibility. As a result, servers can break down, and you will be banned and lose your game accounts.

If you buy individual proxies from us, you’ll forget about problems with as we give IPv4 and IPv6 individual proxies to one hand only or for a limited number of users (Shared IPv4). Therefore, our IPs are reliable and have a high speed of connection and low ping.



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Foreign IPv4
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