Buy proxies of the Netherlands

People who work on the Internet often use proxies to perform their tasks. And proxies of the Netherlands are popular because they work fast, without interruption, and are also suitable for working with and for simple protection of anonymity on the Internet. With their use, you will achieve your goals, so if you need foreign proxies, you can’t go wrong if you choose Dutch proxy servers.

With them, you can easily save anonymity when working on the Internet, since they will mask your IP address. It will be replaced by the proxy server address, which will also mask your location. Therefore, a proxy server of the Netherlands is a reliable tool to protect your personal data.

Also, proxies of the Netherlands will help when working on the Internet: for example, to place ads on message boards, as well as for social networks. As a rule, they are used for registering accounts, as well as for their promotion, or placing ads from registered accounts. Dutch proxies are also used to run specialized multi-threaded software that automates these functions.

Also, proxies are used for advertising. For example, for the analysis of advertising of foreign competitors with the further use of the received information about it when planning further tasks. And also Dutch proxies are used for parsing, mailings, etc.

But the benefits of proxies do not end there. Proxies are often used as means of circumventing restrictions on website visits. With their help, you will be able to visit websites that are restricted to the territory of your country, and the proxy servers of the Netherlands will help you access foreign and Dutch websites, and also allow you to use foreign payment services. Dutch proxies will also help when shopping in foreign online stores, games, for example, to register an account and access to foreign servers.

If you are interested in the benefits presented, then you can buy proxies of the Netherlands on our website by placing an order. We provide quality high-speed proxies of the Netherlands, and you will be the sole owner of the address. You will receive the necessary data for a proxy, as well as round-the-clock technical support, which will answer your questions and help to set up the proxies and solve problems associated with them.

Our service provides additional services and amenities, as well as discounts that will make working with us more pleasant. If you need proxies, then our service will help to meet your needs.


We have the most flexible rates for buying any amount of proxies. New IPv6 proxies allow you to save your money on usual and necessary instruments for work.

Individual IPv4
Given to 1 person
от 90 rublesfor 1 month per item
Individual IPv6
Given to 1 person
от 10 rublesfor 1 month per item
Shared IPv4
Used up to 3 persons
50 rublesfor 1 month per item
  • Russia
  • Support 27/7
Given to 1 person
от 20 rublesfor 1 month per item
Foreign IPv4
Given to 1 person
от 110 rublesfor 1 month per item
  • Brazil | Germany | Netherlands | USA | Ukraine | France
  • Support 27/7
Premium IPv4
Given to 1 person
от 270 rublesfor 1 month per item
  • Russia (residential) | Poland (residential)
  • Support 27/7