Buy Cheap Residential Proxies

Among several types of proxies, you choose the appropriate one for your goals. But what type of proxy is better? In this article, we’ll tell you about one of the types of individual IPs – residential, or ISP. We’ll list their advantages and explain to you some goals that require the usage of residential proxies, not data center ones.

What are Residential Proxies and How Do They Work

ISP proxies are real addresses of real internet providers. They are registered in databases of regional internet registers.

When users provide the Internet to their dwellings, providers give them an IP address. It means that residential IPs are private addresses given by the provider. Things go in another way with datacenter proxies: they don’t belong to a provider. They belong to a data center that buys a pool of addresses.

What Should You Use Them

You should use residential proxies in cases when you have to imitate the actions of the real user. Let us give you some examples.

  • while promoting on social media

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social networks have direct rules. They’re keeping an eye on the usage of bots. For example, they ban users that follow hundreds of accounts per day or put likes to thousands of users. Hence, if social media suspects you even a little, they can freeze your profile or restrict your actions a few times. The risk of coming to such results is more when you use data center proxies.

But you decrease risks when using residential proxies. Owing to the addresses of real users, your accounts won’t be banned. If it happens, you’ll lose only one account. In the case of datacenter IPs, you can lose all your profiles because social media usually bans the entire subnet of data center ones.

  • on bullet-in boards

If you want to speed up the selling of your offer, you can’t get it without multi-accounting. But bullet-in boards don’t allow you to create multiple profiles; therefore, you should have one residential proxy for each account.

  • testing an advertising company

If you’re wondering how your ads are displayed in a certain country or region, you should buy an ISP proxy.

  • content aggregation

You should update the comparison table with your product prices. To cope with this task, you should have a bot that will visit your competitors’ websites regularly. You can avoid bans by using ISP proxies because anti-fraud systems can ban their potential customers.

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