Proxies for PoshmarkProxies for Poshmark

Poshmark is an online marketplace for the sale of used items. The service is presented in the form of a website and an application for mobile devices. Buyers love Poshmark for the opportunity to buy branded goods of good quality at a discounted price. The service has more than 8 million active users who are hunting for profitable finds. In addition, the used car market is extremely popular here, which, judging by the growth rate, will be 2 times larger by 2026. Poshmark enjoys trust and a large audience due to the fact that it became one of the first trading platforms for used goods. At first, it offered mainly second-hand women's clothing, but since then it has turned into a trading platform with a wide assortment. Categories appeared: "For men", "For children", "Home", "Electronics", "Pet products" and "Beauty and Health". The Poshmark app has grown since its launch and now boasts 8 million buyers and sellers.

Users can buy and sell new or well-preserved used goods at any price, while Poshmark receives a solid commission from each sale for using the platform. Popular brands that you will find on Poshmark: Lululemon, Nike, American Eagle, Free People and Anthropologie. Hundreds of brands appear on Poshmark every day.

Using proxy for Poshmark

Active buyers and sellers need to work with multiple accounts in order to differentiate the assortment, try different methods of promotion, use discounts and buy goods sold in one hand several times. This is helped by proxy servers that unify accounts due to different IP addresses.

Discounts with the help of a referral system

When you invite friends, they receive $10 in Posh Credit upon registration with your personal code that repeats the username. Create additional accounts using proxy servers and make a purchase of more than $ 5 from each to get 10 to the main profile. So you will buy small necessary things for yourself and accumulate bonuses for a big purchase. Imagine that you wanted to buy several pairs of jeans, shirts and other clothes for a small price. For each purchase of $5 from a separate account, you will receive $ 10 for the main one! As a result, after spending $50 on the right things, you will receive $100 for the next major purchase and so on. You can repeat this trick endlessly and increase your income

Benefits for sellers

The rules of the service prohibit sellers from creating multiple accounts. If the security system detects that you have created several profiles from the same IP and device, then ban them all. However, renting several proxies and using an anti-detection browser will solve this problem. With the proxy of the necessary countries, you will be able to differentiate your assortment, for example: on one to sell men's clothes, and on the other women's clothes. You will be able to try different methods of promotion, design of ads and other things, specify different payment details. This is a great way to identify the most successful advertising strategy. It will cost only a few dollars. A regular server proxy costs about $2.

Advantages of sales on Poshmark

Ease of operation

One of the biggest advantages of Poshmark is its ease of use. The interface is simple and clear. Familiarization with the list of menu items takes only a few minutes.

There is no fee for putting the product on sale

Poshmark takes a commission of 20% on sales of more than $15 and a fixed commission of $2.95 on all sales of less. At the same time, there is no charge for the placement of the goods. This service differs from the same Etsy, where you pay a fee of $ 0.2 for putting an item on sale, and then the same amount for extending the display of the ad.

No restrictions on setting prices

Unlike other online sales platforms, Poshmark does not dictate how much you should charge for your products. This gives you the ability to set prices at your discretion.

For example, Facebook Marketplace can mark products as more expensive than others and lower them in the search results. They do this because they know that cheap goods sell faster.

You can sell and buy not only used things

Unlike some similar trading platforms that allow you to sell only used goods, Poshmark allows sellers to sell new products in any categories.

There is no ceiling for earnings

There is no limit to how much money you can earn on Poshmark. It all depends on your efforts and the demand for goods.

Poshmark is an interesting service for buyers who want to save money and sellers who are ready to offer high—quality used goods. Use a proxy from our service and differentiate the range of products sold. Buyers with the help of several proxies will be able to receive endless benefits from the referral system. Our server proxies cost only $2. In the assortment you will find resident and mobile proxies that help to preserve the anonymity of the user. Unlike dubious free proxies, you will use our proxies alone (when buying individual/resident/server proxies), while maintaining the security of personal and data and bank account.



Foreign IPv4
Given to 1 person
from 1.47 USDfor 1 month per item
  • Ukraine | Great Britain | United States | Germany | India | Poland | Spain | Belarus | Netherlands | Kazakhstan | France
Individual IPv4
Given to 1 person
from 1.4 USDfor 1 month per item
  • Russia with a choice of server (servers: S1, S2, S3, S4) and of IP address type (data-center, mobile, residential)
Foreign IPv4
Given to 1 person
from 1.47 USDfor 1 month per item
  • Turkey | Romania | Italy | Brazil | Canada | Slovenia | Lithuania | Bangladesh | Argentina | Sweden | Hong Kong | Australia | RSA
Shared IPv4
Used up to 3 persons
from 0.67 USDfor 1 month per item
  • Russia | Netherlands | France | Ukraine
Premium IPv4
Given to 1 person
from 3.6 USDfor 1 month per item
  • Russia (residential) | Poland (residential)
Individual IPv4 with Windows pOSf
Given to 1 person
from 1.87 USDfor 1 month per item
Individual IPv6
Given to 1 person
from 0.13 USDfor 1 month per item
Given to 1 person
from 0.27 USDfor 1 month per item